Why Do They Keep Talking About Impeachment?

Why do Democrats Republicans keep talking about impeachment?

Fox News’ resident legal expert, birther, and conspiracy theorist Judge Andrew Napolitano has come to his senses and declared that it’s time to impeach the president.

[On] Thursday, when asked by Fox host Neil Cavuto what Republicans should do about Obama’s executive actions, Napolitano didn’t mince words.

“Impeach him,” he told Cavuto.

Although impeachment may carry “odious connotations,” Napolitano said, the House GOP’s lawsuit against Obama will be “laughed out of court.”

At least we can agree on one thing: their lawsuit will be laughed out of court.

  • muselet

    To think, this putz was actually a Superior Court judge.


  • Victor_the_Crab

    Yes, their lawsuit WILL be laughed out of court, and their pathetic attempt to impeach President Obama will go nowhere because, even if they do win the Senate in November, they’ll never, ever get the two thirds majority needed for it to be a success. And all they’ll end up doing is piss off more Americans who are already pissed off at the Republican party’s antics.

    Keep it up, Republicans. You’re doin’ swell.