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Why Do They Keep Talking About Impeachment?

Why do Democrats Republicans keep talking about impeachment?

Republican congressional candidate Matthew Corey (R-CT) told the Bristol Press that the president needs to be impeached.

Corey said that Obama has violated the constitutional provision that gives Congress “all legislative powers” and said the president has been “breaking the oath of office.”

He also said he supported the House’s efforts to sue Obama for choosing “what parts of a law he wants to enforce.”

But, wouldn’t you know, Corey accused his opponent of bringing up impeachment.

Corey also accused Larson of using impeachment buzz to his advantage. He claimed that the Democratic congressman has been “putting on theatrics about the impeachment of President Obama and racing home to do fundraising.”

No, you!

Picard and Riker Facepalm

Meanwhile, Iowa congressman and Secret Border Control Agent Steve King reiterated his desire to see the president impeached during an interview with Glenn Beck yesterday.

Saying that Republicans cannot “unilaterally disarm” by taking the threat of impeachment off the table, King declared that the GOP must work to “restrain this president so that he doesn’t do serious destructive damage to our constitution” in order to allow this nation to “limp our way through his terms of office.”

This is clearly a Democratic fundraising scam.

  • muselet

    The GOP has made a specialty over the last five years or so of holding two—or sometimes more—incompatible positions about everything to do with Barack Obama and the Ds generally, and most of the time Rs get away with it because they have the good sense not to express every position at once.

    Not Matthew Corey, no sirree. He has no use for message discipline or that self-restraint stuff. He’s much happier contradicting himself from one breath to the next.

    This is the best candidate the GOP could find?