Congress Open Thread

Border Fence


Artist – RJ Matson

Apparently there will be no more votes between now and the end of the month in Congress, meaning student loan rates will double on Monday, July 1st.

Meanwhile, federal regulators have filed a civil lawsuit against former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine for an unspecified amount.

Programming note: possible limited posting by me tomorrow, battling a sudden illness

  • mrbrink

    Sounds like acute hyper-truth-phobia to me.

    You got the “Truth-sickness.”

    You’ve been truth-poisoned. It’s okay, you’re going to be just fine. Just remember everything is lies and no one knows it but you.

    • JMAshby

      Why? Why do they keep eating? They don’t need to!

  • Feel better, Ashby!

    • MrDHalen


  • Victor_the_Crab

    Get well, Ash.

  • muselet

    I’d offer you some chicken soup, but I don’t make chicken soup.

    Hope it’s nothing too serious, Ashby.