Boris Johnson May or May Not Be “Dead in a Ditch”

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently said he would rather be "dead in a ditch" than ask the European Union for another delay of Britain's departure from the union, but he has reportedly pledged to ask for a delay.

Opponents attempting to force Johnson to ask the EU for a delay say Johnson has no intention of following the law recently passed by parliament that requires him to ask for a delay, but lawyers representing Johnson's government told a court that he will ask for a delay later this month.

With all of that said, Johnson once against said Britain will exit the European Union later this month.

Boris Johnson doubled down on his commitment to leave the EU on Oct. 31 just hours after it was revealed in court that he has committed to requesting an extension if he can’t reach a deal by Oct. 19.

New deal or no deal -- but no delay,” he posted on Twitter, indicating he has no intention of being tied to the law to block a no-deal Brexit passed by Parliament last month. [...]

A Scottish Court will rule Monday over whether to order Boris Johnson’s government to obey the law blocking a no-deal Brexit.

In closing arguments on Friday, Aidan O’Neill, a lawyer for politicians opposed to a no-deal split from the EU, said there’s plenty of evidence that Johnson plans to find a way around the legislation, which forces him to seek a delay if he can’t reach an agreement.

Schrodinger's extension aside, opposition lawmakers are correct that there's plenty of evidence that Johnson does not intend to follow the law. That is unless Johnson's own words don't mean anything.

Of course, there's also plenty of evidence that Johnson's words don't mean anything.

Almost anything could happen in the next four weeks. Johnson could eat his own words and ask for a delay. He could break the law and crash out of the EU in a hard Brexit. He could resign. Johnson could actually do all of those things at the same time or any combination of them.

  • muselet

    Boris Johnson once again tries to be clever (“We’ll ask for an extension, but not really.”) and fails miserably.

    With luck, Johnson will have doomed the Conservative Party to extinction with his games.

    (By the way, Ashby, +100 geek points for “Shrodinger’s extension.” Well done.)