Boris Johnson Says He’s Walking Away From Brexit Talks

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set self-imposed deadlines and been forced to back away from them before but, for what it's worth, Johnson says he'll walk away from Brexit talks next week if there's no deal.

Pointing fingers at the other side of the English Channel, Johnson's top Brexit minister, Michael Gove, said the European Union is "intransigent."

“While we are keen to get a deal, we will not do a deal at any price,” Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove told a House of Lords committee on Wednesday. “If it is the case that the EU insists on an intransigent approach in the weeks ahead, then very well, we will be ready for that eventuality.” [...]

On Tuesday, a senior EU diplomat warned that the bloc had no plans to offer concessions to meet Johnson’s deadline, and would be ready to call his bluff.

Addressing those comments, the person familiar with the British position said the government was serious about walking out next week. Speaking alongside Gove to a committee in Parliament, Britain’s chief negotiator David Frost said a decision will be taken closer to Oct. 15 on whether a deal is within reach.

Is Boris Johnson bluffing?

Maybe, but it also may not matter. There are going to be significant disruptions to the British economy even if they do strike a last-minute deal and any last-minute deal could only be piecemeal if anything.

Johnson's government and his conservatives want to blame the European Union for everything and they'll continue to do so next year after Britain actually departs from the European customs union, and all the finger pointing in the world doesn't matter.

It's like Trump blaming President Obama or Hillary Clinton (or even Joe Biden) for things happening in the year 2020. The bottom line is he's in the White House and Boris Johnson is prime minister. It's on their watch. It's their shitshow. And whoever comes next will have to clean it up.

Cleaning up after the Brexit will be even worse than cleaning up after Trump. The next president can easily purge the federal government of political appointees and roll back Trump's executive orders, but the next prime minister can't snap their fingers and rejoin the European Union.

Boris Johnson recently broke his own withdrawal agreement with the EU so you can add that to the list of reasons why he can't point fingers at anyone but himself.

  • muselet

    What a pillock. (You’re right, that’s not a substantive comment. I’ve run out of those when it comes to Boris Johnson.)


    • KanaW

      Yeah, I’ve been reduced to chanting “fuckwitted cockwombling shitgibbon” whenever I see his face for the last few years…

  • katanahamon

    I’m wondering if Rump planned this Covid thing as a stunt. The whole thing just seems so..fishy.. When did he start showing symptoms? With his f’ing face in front of cameras all the time, how come there wasn’t a “gee, is Rump coming down with something” moment? Then there was the whole “he only needed oxygen twice” and a very confusing array of doc statements..the only thing that remotely makes it seem legit is the fact he was so out of breath..but doesn’t this seem like way too miraculous of a recovery? Plus, the logic behind a short illness, hospital visit, then a very macho balcony address seems very much in character with a Rump stunt to try to sway voters before the election, trying to show how macho he is and how everyone else is making too much of a big deal over the virus. Yeah..I’m assigning too much ability in planning to this bunch. If there is a god though, his recovery won’t be so easy and already done..

    • muselet

      Wait a week. If he doesn’t end up back in ICU by then, I’ll be very surprised.


  • katanahamon

    Gee, you mean an agreement between a zillion countries that was many years in the making, and then implemented for decades successfully can’t be renegotiated on their own terms by an incompetent bunch of right wing fools? Wow..who would’ve thought it would be..difficult? Stupid? Foolhardy? Destructive? Oh yeah..EVERYBODY!!! Now in typical fashion, said right wing fools will stomp and whine, blaming everyone but themselves. sympathy here..