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Breaking: Obama from Chicago!

Posted by JumpyPants

Patrick Fitzgerald has said that the President-Elect has clean hands in this whole Blago dung heap. But apparently the lead investigator's word isn't enough for all the talking heads from the conservative bbq media, who are desperately swinging the flaming corpse of Blago's expletive-jammed political career as close to the President-Elect as they can.

And I say, why not just go a step further, bbq'ers? I'm pretty sure you can tie Obama to the first Daley administration and it's attendant corruption. Also, wasn't Obama somehow connected to Chicago crime boss Al Capone? And are you going to tell me that Chicago-based Obama was never involved in milking Mrs. O'Leary's arsonist cow?

Do the math: Blagojevich=Chicago=Crime=Chicago=Obama=Crime. Math is so much easier when you only use one of these: =!