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“Brick By Brick”

The ground game we're witnessing in this election is unprecedented.

A memo from Obama/Biden 2012 shows:

This cycle, our teams registered 1,792,261 voters in key battleground states—nearly double the number of voters the Obama campaign registered in 2008.

These new voters are already voting in early vote states. In fact, 28% of them—345,233—have already voted.

What it takes to defeat Citizen's United politics, hold the line against undisclosed corporate cash flowing in from all directions is nothing short of remarkable, and an expensive education in real-deal grassroots movement Progressivism 101.

This president is taking the country to school on the biggest bus we've ever seen.

  • villemar

    There’s gonna be a lot of this on the right after Tuesday:

    Fuck ’em. I’ll have nothing but pure and utter schadenfreude for them (and their Firebaggers/Greenbecks/Anarcho-Nihilist Hipster Douchebag compatriots on the far left). If any of them ask me what they should do I’ll recommend Ritual Seppuku.

  • Amy Stone

    Agreed. And great song by the Arctic Monkeys.

  • muselet

    The Rs understand that ordinary citizens voting can beat big money. It’s why they are trying hard to make voting as difficult, inconvenient and expensive as possible.

    I applaud the Obama campaign’s efforts in voter registration and outreach, but I have to wonder: is the Democratic Party paying attention?


    • “is the Democratic Party paying attention?”

      Exactly my thought when I read this. 🙂

  • I don’t want this show to ever end. Who can fill Obama’s shoes in 2016?

    • JoanOfSnark

      Elizabeth Warren, FTW!

  • That memo was fascinating. I’e been working with local OFA since January, so have seen first hand how this works. Now in the final stretch we are manning our staging location 9 am to 9 pm 11/3, 4 & 5. On election day we are going from 6am to 9pm. I’m using vacation days to part of this historic effort. I’m in Cali so we are pretty much calling the battleground states. It’s been great to see our small team grow to now a large effort and many volunteers coming in and phoning for hours. I agree with Bob that this is the best president of my lifetime and it is so important that he be re-elected! So go vote and get everyone you know to vote. There will be time to rest after November 6th!