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In other news, infamous birther and top Trump surrogate Sheriff Joe Arpaio spoke at a local Tea Party event yesterday where he insisted President Obama's birth certificate is fake.

Meanwhile, GOP nominee Donald Trump says banning refugees is a "matter of quality of life." Because life would be better with fewer brown people around, I guess. Trump is a racist.

Finally, here's Rep. Luis Gutierrez

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  • Badgerite

    Quality of life? If anyone’s human rights are imperiled, my human rights are imperiled. This was the principle that Lincoln subscribed to. It does indeed have to do with quality of life. Our own. What kind of a world do we want. What kind of people we are. What are our most cherished values and principles that motivate our society. There is no freedom or “safety” or “quality of life” in turning a blind eye to the unjust suffering of others.
    PS. The GOP owns that birther crap. They always have and they still do. It is their baby. Fully grown and calling them “Daddy”.

  • The irony of Christie being unmasked by an infrastructure scandal after he stupidly killed the NY-NJ tunnel the region so desperately needs is pretty awesome.