Bundy Militia Member Files Lawsuit Against the “Devil” Government

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

The number isn't a coincidence.

Bundy militia member Shawna Cox (pictured above, top right), who was arrested and charged for participating in the occupation of the Malheur refuge, has filed a lawsuit against the devils in the government claiming damages totaling $666 billion.

Cox hopes to call virtually everyone to testify in her case -- which will never see the inside of a court room -- including local and state police, federal agents, and even law professors.

Cox said she plans to ask a jury to deliver civil and criminal penalties against many of those same people, who she says have worked to subvert the constitutional government and impose "socialism, communism and imperialism types of government onto the people of the United States of America." [...]

Saying that she's the victim of malicious prosecution, Cox states that her group was using the legal tactic of "hostile adverse possession" to expose what they see as the federal government's fraudulent handling of land in the former Northwest Territories.


These people are not as much a militia as they are a cult. You cannot wage a hostile defense of land that isn't yours.

Maybe we should be thankful that they're too goddamn stupid to actually have an impact on policy or discourse and too cowardly to die for their cause even though they claim they're ready to.

We haven't seen the last of their type and the next group of self-styled "patriots" who take up arms against the government may not be so comically inept.

If you're curious what the language of these people is even suppose to mean, I recommend reading the Southern Poverty Law Center's profile of sovereign citizen legal tactics. The short answer is it doesn't actually mean anything.

They have a kind of special sovereign code language that judges, lawyers and other court staff simply can't understand (nor can most non-sovereigns). Sovereigns believe that if they can find just the right combination of words, punctuation, paper, ink color and timing, they can have anything they want — freedom from taxes, unlimited wealth, and life without licenses, fees or laws, are all just a few strangely worded documents away. It's the modern-day equivalent of "abracadabra."

  • muselet

    Adverse possession doesn’t even begin to apply.

    Also, “malicious prosecution,” my arse.


    • JMAshby

      Yeah, I did some reading on it while I was writing this post and I ended up laughing before I finished. Their version of legal doctrine could be accurately described as gobbledygook.

  • Villemar

    I always crack up when I see that pic of Giant Angry Toddler Meme guy in the lower left hand corner.

    • Aynwrong

      I saw this comment on another page and was wondering what you meant. Then I clicked on the page, saw the pic, and I LMFAO!!!

      Thanks for that.

  • The dumb git doesn’t realize she has to show that she’s suffered $666 billion in losses….the judge will laught this suit out of court.

  • Georgie

    Oh boy, a lawsuit against the devils in the government claiming damages totaling $666 billion. Some days……