Buzzwords for the Healthcare Summit

We should do a blog pool on which Republicans will say certain wingnut/Luntz buzzwords during the summit.

I'll get the ball rolling.

John Boehner will be the first to use the incorrect and pejorative form of "Democratic Party." He'll say "Democrat bill" or "Democrat Party" or "Democrat takeover" or some variation of that. If you're new to the scene, this is a deliberate slander of Democrats intended to emphasize the "rat" syllable, while also de-emphasizing the connection with democratic (small "d"). What will be astounding about this is, if it's used, it'll be used in the presence of the president -- the leader of the Democratic Party. No respect. Childish.

Albino sleestak Mitch McConnell will be the first to say "government takeover." I imagine the president will let fly on anyone who tries this Luntz frame. Adding, I wonder if McConnell will bring along extra face balm for the extra-long meeting.

Eric Cantor will be the first to refer to the dollar-value of the bill, and completely ignore the fact that it reduces the deficit over 10-20 years. It's also likely that Cantor will poo-poo CBO numbers when the president cites them, then later, he'll cite CBO numbers himself and insist they're gospel.

What do you think?