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Can We Shitcan Harry Reid Yet?

As Benen details here, our ineffectual majority leader is allowing the unpopular and marginalized Republicans to obstruct the confirmations of extraordinarily qualified nominees for important cabinet and administration posts. His usual reaction (in Droopy cartoon voice): We just don't have 60 votes. Oh sad day.

In addition to Dawn Johnsen who's up for an OLC gig at Justice, Reid is allowing disgraced Louisiana senator David Vitter to hold up the confirmation of Craig Fugate, President Obama's nominee for FEMA. Yep. As we head into Summer storm season, a dickish hypocrite (Vitter not Reid) is preventing a tremendously well-qualified nominee from being confirmed.

Here's Fugate's bio:

As the Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, Mr. Fugate oversees an agency with 138 full time. The Florida Division of Emergency Management coordinates disaster response, recovery, preparedness and mitigation efforts with each of the state's 67 counties and local governments. In September 2003, the Florida Emergency Management Program became the first statewide emergency management program in the nation to receive full accreditation from the Emergency Management Accreditation Program.

From volunteer firefighter, Paramedic, and Lieutenant with Alachua County Fire Rescue, his career in emergency services included serving 10 years as the Emergency Manager for Alachua County, Florida.

In May of 1997, he was appointed Chief of the Bureau of Preparedness and Response with the Florida Division of Emergency Management. Over the next four years, the State of Florida faced numerous disasters while continuing to build a nationally recognized emergency management program. His role as the Chief of the State Emergency Response Team saw extensive action in 1998. Florida experienced the impacts of floods, tornadoes, wildfires, and Hurricane Georges resulting in over 200 days of activation for the State Emergency Response Team.

In October of 2001, Governor Bush appointed Mr. Fugate to serve as Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management. On December 18, 2006, Governor Elect Crist appointed Director Fugate to his administration, the role he continues today.

I mean, he's an inductee to the National Guard Hall of Fame!

Either Senator Reid needs to find his balls, or he needs to step down. If he can't overcome a fight from a disgraced pissant senator like David Vitter, he's utterly useless.