Canada to Impose New Retaliatory Tariffs on U.S. Goods

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Canada imposed retaliatory tariffs on American goods last year in response to Trump's tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum, but Canadian officials evidently believe their tariffs have not been as effective as they could be.

Canadian officials say they may release a new list of tariffs next week that will hit the American agricultural industry.

From Reuters:

David MacNaughton, Canada’s ambassador to Washington, told U.S. agricultural reporters on Monday that Canada could announce a new list of targets as soon as next week, the Progressive Reporter and Politico websites reported.

The retaliation would include a significant number of agricultural products, possibly including apples, pork, ethanol and wine, they quoted the envoy as saying.

The new tariffs on pork, ethanol and other products would accompany Canada's initial tariffs on orange juice and whiskey, among other things, that were imposed last year.

A retaliatory tariff on ethanol could be particularly potent, perhaps even more so than tariffs on raw food, because farmers who haven't been able to sell their crops as a result of Trump's trade war have resorted to converting what they can to ethanol. And, moreover, recent flooding in the Midwest decimated millions of acres of crops used to produce ethanol.

It seems likely to me that Trump will respond to Canada's actions in an equally punitive way, but we neither country would be in this position if Trump hadn't imposed tariffs for no substantiated reason in the first place. I cannot blame Canadian officials for taking care of their own while Trump runs amok.

  • capnjonasgrumby

    “trade wars are good and easy to win”

  • muselet

    Whenever someone I know goes into hospital, I say the same thing: “Don’t piss off the nurses. Doctors can hurt you, but nurses can make you suffer.” Everybody laughs, but everybody also treats the nurses really nicely.

    If I thought anyone in the administration had sense enough to pour pee out of a boot, I’d revise that advice to cover major trading partners.

    The Trump Trade Wars will not end well for anyone.


  • katanahamon

    Yep..a tariffs war has no good outcome. On another topic, how can we allow Barr to even touch the Mueller report when he now accuses the Obama presidency of “spying” on the Rump campaign with no evidence? Oh, SHOULD have been spied on. I hope we will get the unredacted version soon…