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Carson: We Must Cut the Budget to Fight the Soviet Union

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Aside from ordering very expensive chairs, what has Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) secretary Ben Carson been up to?

Not much, it appears, as he still finds the job to be 'more complex than brain surgery' a year after he was appointed.

I can't speak to that, but I think we can say with some confidence that Carson is not and never was qualified for his current position; a position he apparently won't even defend.

Carson has privately approved of the deep budget cuts the Trump White House has called for because, in his own words, we must redirect government funding to fight the Soviet Union.

When the White House budget director, Mick Mulvaney, proposed an 18 percent cut to HUD late last year, Mr. Carson reluctantly reached out to the president. Mr. Trump expressed sympathy. Then he told him to “talk to Mick” about the details.

Mr. Carson denies that he has been marginalized and says he backs Mr. Trump’s guns-before-butter budget approach. “I believe in what the president believes,” Mr. Carson said. “We are in a very precarious situation with North Korea, with radical terrorists who want to destroy us, with the Soviet Union, who has ambitions.” An aide later said he was referring to Russia.

Call this a slip of the tongue if you're feeling generous, but in any case the military's budget already dwarfs HUD's budget by a margin of about 15 to 1. To say he "believes what [Trump] believes" is to say he believes in nonsense.

This doesn't feel like a simple difference of opinion concerning spending priorities. I don't believe Ben Carson understands anything at all about government.

Of course, even if Ben Carson resigned tomorrow, I doubt we will have a functioning HUD until about halfway through the next presidential administration. It will take at least the first half to roll back the damage that's been done.

  • muselet

    There’s a reason the intenet gave Ben Carson the nickname “Mental Ben” a couple of years ago.

    Brilliant surgeon, but otherwise utterly useless.


  • Aynwrong

    The one area in which a real estate magnate might conceivably have some experience in would be housing. But this is Trump, so naturally he found a brain surgeon who seems utterly bereft of the thing he specializes in repairing.

    The combined talents of Shakespeare, Twain and Rod Serling couldn’t fabricate such a clown show.

    • ninjaf

      Perhaps that’s the problem? Trump fancies himself a luxury housing developer. The people who need HUD services should have been in the market for luxury housing if they want any attention from this administration. Rookie mistake.

  • Georgie

    “I don’t believe Ben Carson understands anything at all about government.
    Lets start a list of things he doesn’t understand:
    2. Food (people need both 1&2)
    3.That Harry Potter isn’t a real boy
    4. Where babies come from
    5. That milk comes from cows, and chocolate isn’t from brown ones.
    6. No Ben, cats aren’t from Outer Space
    7. And no they can’t read minds.

    • Nefercat

      Excellent list except for #6. Space Cat (Ruthven Todd) was one of the very first (and all time best) books I ever read, and cats at least live in Outer Space if not originate from there. They also visit Venus and meet Mars. And have Kittens. Thank you for the (unintentional) trip down memory lane and the brief break from having to think about all the best swamp dwellers.

      • Mary Richardson

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      • Georgie

        Thanks for the heads up, I’ll read that in a heart beat.

        • Nefercat

          Hey, I just found out they are reprinting Space Cat and Space Cat Visits Venus, so they will be available at a reasonable price. Hopefully the other two books will follow. The old editions are extremely expensive. (For a while, my startled adult son was measuring the cost of things in “space cats”, as in “our new oven cost 2 space cats.)

      • Georgie

        You were right about the prices, holy shit, but Amazon is offering the first one again on May 16th, so I preordered for one me and the grandkids, (11.00) and once again, thanks.