Chairman Trey Gowdy Commits to NOT Doing His Job

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Outgoing Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz blasted Congress on his way out the door for not exercising proper oversight of ...Hillary Clinton's emails... but the new chairman, Trey Gowdy, has no plans to exercise proper oversight or much oversight at all.

Gowdy says his committee will not investigate Russian interference in the election or anything even related to that.

I told Bob Mueller Tuesday that I would never do anything wittingly or unwittingly that veered over into his lane,” Gowdy said in an interview with a handful of reporters in the Oversight panel’s cavernous hearing room. “His lane is broad and is undetermined at this point.” [...]

“Allegations of criminal or quasi-criminal activity is squarely within Mueller’s jurisdiction. The process by which security clearances are granted needs to be tightened amended changed, I’m all for it,” said Gowdy, 52, a former federal prosecutor in South Carolina.

We don’t investigate crime. That’s been my position for the seven years that I’ve been here” on the committee.

And I suppose we all just imagined the past decade of witch hunts and chicken fucking predicated on the idea that the Obama administration or Hillary Clinton committed crimes that have yet to be determined.

It may or may not be proper to stay out of the special prosecutor's way, but Trey Gowdy and his colleagues displayed no concern for jurisprudence in the past. Virtually every Republican-controlled committee, even the seemingly unrelated committees, took up the task of searching for crimes under the Obama administration and, when that didn't work, they created whole new committees to look for crimes.

If Hillary Clinton were president right now, nothing would stop Gowdy and the GOP from pushing the outer limits of their mandate and authority in search of any action or behavior that even remotely seems suspicious.

Under Trump, they couldn't care less.

  • ninjaf

    “We don’t investigate Republican crime. That’s been my position for the seven years that I’ve been here” on the committee.

    FIFY, Rep. Gowdy.

  • Georgie

    It’s to bad someone put Trey Gowdy’s head in a vise every night when he was a child.

    • Aynwrong

      I’m guessing that as a small child Trey Gowdy was raised by placing him inside a large cardboard box with a hole cut in the side that he could watch TV through and in the evening his parents would toss him the scraps after a meal.

      *Nerd points for the first person who remembers where I pulled that from*

      • Georgie

        Profit! I have to confess I had to look it up, I had forgotten the name of the show. Great memory!

  • muselet

    Congressional committees staying away from whatever a special counsel is doing is a good thing (the Iran-Contra convictions of John Poindexter and Oliver North were reversed on appeal, despite Lawrence Walsh’s careful firewall, because Congress held public hearings) if the goal is to find incidents of illegal activity and punish the guilty.

    If the goal is to bring wrongdoing to light and not to pursue criminal convictions, then public hearings are appropriate.

    If you’re lop-headed Javert of Benghazi, Trey Gowdy (as Charlie Pierce styles him), you look at the letter after the name of the person who would, hypothetically, be under investigation and ignore whatever an R has done.

    By the end of summer, Gowdy will be bored and the House Oversight Committee will go back to investigating Hillary Clinton’s email server.


    • Badgerite

      Good point and true but even if Special Prosecutor Mueller were not investigating trump/Russia, Trey Gowdy would avoid looking into anything actually illegal done by trump because what does that have to do with the vital interest of the GOP in ffffing chickens?

  • 1933john

    “South Carolina”

    • Too small to be a republic, too large to be an insane asylum

  • IOKIYAR taken to the extreme. Now that memes have become reality, our reality is farce.