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Chart of the Day

Jeff Zucker’s new CNN is leading the pack in white guys according to a new report from Media Matters.


It’s astonishing that CNN is now even whiter and more male-dominated than Fox News but not completely surprising following the purge of some of their best talent over the winter months.

  • joseph2004

    One thing about MSNBC nobody can argue with is that it is, amongst the three networks, the most hostile to your average white guy. I mean when, like this site, you spend so much capital implicating white males in America as the single biggest menace to society, it’s neither astonishing nor surprising they might go someplace else.
    Ashby has put up yet another post implying that white men are by their very nature lured to seedy Fox and now (thanks apparently to personnel changes) CNN as well. Fox we’re to believe appeals to women-hating, minority bashing, racist Republicans. For CNN, well, something satanic must be in the works to draw a larger white male audience.
    But from a statistical perspective, the graph doesn’t really say all that much other than that white men are watching too much TV regardless of the channel they are dialed into.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Fox got a huge boost to the number of minority guests in April from a single show. On April 8, Hannity did an entire segment featuring 22 black conservatives who hate Obama.