Chris Christie on the President’s Response

Meanwhile, Romney's spastic and inappropriate response continues. He collected canned food at a non-campaign campaign event -- while playing his convention video in the background.

Andrea Mitchell via Twitter:


  • muselet

    Without doubt, the best response to Mitt Romney’s pointless can drive:

    Collecting Canned Goods

    Please make this stupidity stop.


  • Victor_the_Crab

    Chris Christie putting the nation and his citizens ahead of the Republican party?


  • bphoon

    I’ll give Christie credit for giving credit where it’s due. This also underscores that while Romney couldn’t resist to continue pandering at his non-campaign campaign event, the president stayed off the campaign trail because he’s too busy BEING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES,.

    • Just watched another clip of Christie on Fox today whereby Christie was asked if was going to do a “storm related event” with Mittens. Chris Christie had some very choice words which described his reaction to such a stunt.


      I wouldn’t be surprised to see Christie turn on his party in the next couple of years.

  • So they would prefer people either send money or donate blood? I think Romney should be able to spare some money. I don’t know about the blood, though.

    • BuffaloBuckeye

      Yeah. like romney would spring to donate money and/or blood.

  • Ned F

    Since Fox News is such a fan of Gov Christie, I’m sure this video is on heavy rotation over there, right?
    It would be interesting to follow the route of these collected rations to their relief destination.

    • They should give them to the soup kitchen that’s lost donors because of Paul Ryan’s staged photo op visit. These guys are disgusting – I hope we cream them, would love to those smug smirks wiped off their faces.

    • incredulous72

      Oh, he went even farther than that on Fox and Friends this morning! I just watched the video tape of his response when asked about “Romney coming to New Jersey to survey the damage with him”.

      It. Was. Awesome.

  • Oh noes……….Romney’s gonna take Chris off of his bestie list!

    • D_C_Wilson

      Rush will be calling him a traitor and a RINO very soon. Christie is going to have to do some major apologizing!

      • muselet

        Since he’s still popular in the party and is seen as a potential 2016 frontrunner, Chris Christie will be allowed to apologize in private. One more unguarded moment, though, and the show trial will be convened.


        • D_C_Wilson

          He won’t be popular for much longer is he keeps up this treasonous talk!

  • zirgar

    But Robot Romney eats the cans when he can’t find enough scrap metal to ingest.