Chris Christie Vetoes Automatic Voter Registration

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

The New Jersey state legislature advanced a bill to Governor Chris Christie's desk that would have automatically registered voters when they apply any form of permit or license, but Christie vetoed the bill over non-existent "fraud."

"I've got some bills sitting on my desk now that would automatically register people when they went to renew their driver's license unless they said affirmatively 'I don't want to be registered to vote,'" Christie said on Wednesday.

"This is just like a cocktail of fraud," he said. "I don't think a lot to ask someone if you want to exercise your right and the privilege to vote to actually register."

Neither Christie or his colleagues in other states can provide a wealth of evidence proving that fraud exists. There's no there, there.

Ironically, most cases of alleged "fraud" actually turn out to be benign cases where voters have changed addresses without updating their voter registration. The bill sent to Christie's desk would make that process automatic and reduce cases of alleged "fraud."

But it's not about that.

The bottom line is Republicans don't want you to vote and they will do anything within their power to limit voting. This is all the more reason why everyone must vote in November even if you live in a "safe" state.

  • muselet

    It’s disappointing that Chris Christie couldn’t come up with a more imaginative reason for vetoing an automatic voter registration bill than a generic claim of fraud.

    Obviously, he had to oppose AVR, but at least he could have made the slander specific to the bill in question. Claim the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is overworked and understaffed, instead of honking on about fraud. And his (ridiculous) claim that AVR would cost $1 million to implement and $400,000 a year to maintain, is not the experience of the states which actually have AVR.

    Christie was never a particularly clever man, but fetching Donald Trump’s junk food may have damaged his brain.

    Or maybe he’s just a loyal Republican clown.


  • Badgerite

    How, in the world, is it “fraud” if a state drivers license is among the identifications authorized as valid state ID to vote? You are at the DMV to renew or apply for a drivers license. That is authorized. You therefore have valid ID. So there is no question of “fraud”. Everything that you provide to get your License taken care of is the same as would be provided to register to vote. It just makes the process more convenient. But,,,,of course,….actual voter fraud has never been what theses laws are about. And that becomes more evident as these cases work their way through the court system.