War On Women

Chris Christie Vetoes Cancer Screenings

What War on Women?

Just before the midnight deadline on July 1st, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoed $7.5 million in family planning funding which would have funded mammograms, pap smears, cancer screenings, and birth control.

It wouldn't have funded abortions, and it wouldn't have forced the state budget into the red. He vetoed it just because.

Democrats in the state had tried to restore money for social services but Christie wasn’t having it. All said he vetoed $7.5 million into women’s clinics, refused to return $66 million in energy tax revenue to cities, and vetoed a proposal to beef up tax credits for the working poor after slashing them previously in 2010.

As Robin Marty reports, the $7.5 million proposed would have come from the over $500 million budget surplus the state is projected to have. Those funds will instead go to increase the state’s cash reserves.

Christie offered the following response

The budget I signed reverses irresponsible funding decisions, establishes funding levels based on realistic and responsible revenue assumptions and increases our surplus. I am unwilling to surrender the gains we have made to establish fiscal responsibility in the state budget.

"I am unwilling to surrender the gains we have made to establish fiscal responsibility in the state budget."

Translation: I am willing to surrender the health of others to further my political career.

The state is expecting a $500 million budget surplus thanks in part to increased taxes on the working poor, but Christie refused to sign only $7.5 million into law which would have primarily benefited the same working poor people he raised those taxes on. You know, so he can rubber stamp a $500 million surplus with his name on it. $492.5 million just doesn't have the same ring to it.

To say that Chris Christie is a dick would be an understatement.

  • Lazarus Durden

    V.P. Christie? Really? Please let it be so.

  • Shazza

    What’s sad was that on my local (right-wing) station, they just kept going on about NJ residents NOT getting a tax break because of those damn Democrats! (This wasn’t actually said but it was certainly implied) They have a radio show once a month with Christie so they’re not going to get on his bad side. This station often pushes the GOP talking points-calling tax increases ‘class warfare’ and the wealthy ‘job creators’, they HATE state workers and blame them for damn near all of the fiscal problems in NJ.

    • Central or North Jersey radio? I believe it.

      • Shazza

        Central, I used to live in Trenton and listen to NJ101.5.

  • Professional courtesy from one tumor to the rest.

  • D_C_Wilson

    You’re missing the key point. The money was going to Planned Parenthood. Christie has got to polish his anti-choice credentials if he’s going to be a serious VP contender.

    Besides, money is fungible. Except when it’s going to religious organizations to fund programs that are totally not about proseltyzing.

    • bphoon

      Nah…he’s a dick, pure and simple.

    • nathkatun7

      You are absolutely right. Christie is officially running for VP. This was his way of showing the right wingers that he is with them. I hope the people of NJ will mobilize to defeat him, both for VP and for governor when he runs for re-election.

      • Shazza

        Sadly I think the people of NJ were pissed with Corzine and stayed home, letting Christie be elected.

        • Truth. Corzine was machine-approved scum. So now we have Christie.

      • If he runs for VP, I will be thrilled as long as he resigns as governor. As an NJ resident, I think he is a typical republican – tax cuts for the wealthy, and cancel work projects that would benefit the middle class and working poor.

        If he runs for Gov again, he will probably win again – lots of cash in the northern counties, and they love to see some thumbscrews applied to Newark and Camden and Trenton.

        Schadenfruede is usually a good thing, but it’s hard to watch people take delight in screwing over their neighbors. Lots of that happening in NJ nowadays.

  • mgardener

    I assume christie is on the wealthy side. Of course he doesn’t think anybody besides he and his friends need health insurance.
    I’m sure if he were poor and uninsured, he would be outraged if cuts were made to programs for diabetics and asthmatics.
    He is a hypocrite.

  • His fat ass hasn’t seen his dick in decades, if ever.

  • lib4

    And he wonders why Bruce Springsteen F’n hates him. Run him as VP so he loses governership and Pres. race. End his career.what a dick.