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Christie Changes His Mind, You Should Keep Reading About Him

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

On Sunday Governor Chris Christie told NBC's Chuck Todd that people need to "stop reading the newspaper" but Christie protested on Fox News last night that they don't cover him enough.

When asked by host Megyn Kelly about Trump's popularity, Christie said Fox News should cover him more and Trump less.

“You have to be more exciting and then we would cover you more,” Kelly shot back. [...]

“Your ratings will go through the roof. Skyrocketing!” Christie said, adopting his best Trump impression. “You want ratings? Christie is ratings. Ratings, Megyn. Total ratings. Big! Very big!”

This is embarrassing.

It's telling that Christie barks at Chuck Todd and says we need to stop reading stories about him, but he begs Fox News to give him air time. It's as if he knows Fox News will give him preferential treatment while other outlets may be slightly more objective.

When Christie said we should "stop reading the newspaper," he should have been more clear and said we should stop reading liberal newspapers.

You don't actually have to visit a liberal news outlet to find negative stories about Christie, but I'm sure he believes you do.


  • muselet

    Chris Christie peaked in the GOP presidential polls at 14.6% in October–November 2014. That’s about the time he unnecessarily made Kaci Hickox spend a weekend in a tent because he wanted to look tough on Ebola, and after he told a man unhappy with the slow pace of recovery efforts two years after Hurricane Sandy to, quote, “Sit down and shut up.”

    Since then, his national popularity has looked like the glide path of a brick. He’s currently polling at 2.1%, if you were wondering.

    I think it’s safe to take Chris Christie’s earlier advice and stop reading about him. His national ambitions are pretty much done.


    • stacib23

      Wasn’t there an article last week quoting Christie saying he was going to be tougher on Trump in this next debate? He may get those headlines yet – he better hope it’s not because Trump embarrasses him.

      • muselet

        Probably. It sounds like the sort of pointless, chest-thumping machismo Christie specializes in.

        If Chris Christie does have a go at Donald Trump, Trump will eat his lunch.