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Civilized Discourse

[Video updates below...]

This is unbelievable. Joe Scarborough, who publicly lectured/tattled on me for not engaging in civilized debate, talking about Jesse Ventura:

"Perhaps Jesse should stop smoking whatever Jesse's been smoking and keep his mouth shut about things he knows absolutely nothing about. This is a guy who, by the way -- I must continue to say this -- that got paid two million dollars by this network, did one show and sucked so bad that they sent him back to Minnesota and said "we never want to see you again."

I wish I was that bad. Perhaps I am. Maybe they'll fire me and I'll take my money and go to Florida. [...] Seriously, that's the sort of stupidity -- it's just -- it should seriously be a crime to be that dumb and on TV. [mocking Jesse's voice] We only waterboard Muslims. Oh God.

Let's bring in Rudy Giuliani. Former Republican mayor of New York City, former presidential candidate, Rudy Giuliani. This seems like a great place to start. [begin douchey sarcastic voice] Why is it that people like Jesse Ventura are so concerned about how we treat people like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed? Why is that?"

Jesse Ventura was a Navy Seal who survived the SERE program and served in Vietnam. He "knows nothing" about torture and war, Joe? And you do? That's rich.

As for your question to Giuliani, Jesse is worried about torturing people like KSM because it endangers our soldiers.

"Mistreatment of enemy prisoners endangers our own troops who might someday be held captive." —Senator John McCain

That's why torture is wrong and illegal -- because it's incongruous with our values as a nation, and it puts our soldiers at increased risk of being tortured. Oh, and it's illegal according to both American law and internation law.

You coward. It should seriously be a crime to be that dumb and on TV.

UPDATE: Joe unhinged moments later...

Scarborough keeps suggesting that he knows more about torture and terrorism than anyone else. What does he know? Is there some sort of explosive information that only Scarborough is privy to?

UPDATE 2: The full video minus the douchey Giuliani intro:

So tell me, Joe, how do you know more about waterboarding than a SERE school graduate, a Navy Seal and a Vietnam veteran? How about picking up where Hannity left off. Allow yourself to be waterboarded for charity.