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In other news, former Senator Scott Brown is getting back in the saddle at Fox News after losing the election. Again.

Meanwhile, President Obama will address the nation tonight at 8 p.m. ET regarding the action he intends to take on immigration. You can watch at

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  • i_a_c

    Hey Ashby, I read on Twitter that your SSD failed on you.

    Sadly there are some brands that are pretty shite, as SSDs are still imperfect cutting edge tech. What brand did you happen to get?

    I bought an Intel 3 years ago and it has been terrific. I bought it specifically because of its reported reliability. I paid more for it than its competitors, but so far it’s done me well.

    • JMAshby

      Some brand I never heard out of Taiwan. I was building a custom system and that particular brand of SSD was half the price of others. It’s what I could afford. I have to RMA it.

      • i_a_c

        Yeah, some of those weird brands have really poor reliability. (It wasn’t OCZ by any chance was it? Those are certified terrible.) As of now sadly you get what you pay for with SSDs.

        When I built this computer 3 years ago I opted to pay out the nose for a SSD rather than getting a step-up video card. I paid like $2/GB back then for a mere 120GB drive–I could easily pay roughly half of that now. Even with the reported Intel reliability I still have a backup partition. Never have needed it thankfully.

        Don’t let the dream die, though, because once you go SSD you can never go back.