Election 2016

Clinton Campaign Making a Real Push to Win Arizona

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

While a growing number of public media polls have shown Clinton leading or tying Trump in the state of Arizona, I presume the Clinton campaign is basing its latest actions on their own internal polls.

In any event, the Clinton campaign is directing significant resources to win the state.

[Clinton campaign manager Roby Mook] announced that the campaign would be adding $2 million in new spending in Arizona on TV ads, digital ads, and direct mail. It is also dispatching Sen. Bernie Sanders, Chelsea Clinton, and Michelle Obama to campaign in the state this next week. Mook said Clinton herself might start stumping in the state in the final three weeks before Election Day.

I don't know if she will win Arizona, but they're pulling out the big guns for it. Michelle Obama is easily Clinton's best surrogate.

Clinton obviously doesn't need to win Arizona to win the presidential race, but doing so would be a knockout blow and could permanently transform the electorate by solidifying the southwest for Democrats. Competing in Arizona may also boost Democratic Senate candidate Ann Kirkpatrick over John McCain.

  • swift_4

    I’d like to see them start shifting more money to helping Congressional races.

  • Aynwrong

    I used to have a great deal of respect for John McCain. Of course I respect his military service and what he suffered because of it (far more than a certain Orange Moron I could name) and in the past he has stood against the GOP on principle. But the days of him behaving as a responsible legislator are long gone. He’s been one of the leaders of the stop Obama at any cost fever swamp that the GOP has devolved into. He’s blamed Obama for the failures of the invasion of Iraq and of course he has now stated his intention to filibuster Hillary Clinton’s nominees for the Supreme Court and up until just about a week ago was endorsing Trump.

    Defeating McCain would be important for all the practical reasons but symbolically it would be wonderful.

    John McCain sold away his credibility a long time ago and has gotten very little in return other than remaining in the Senate. His legacy will not be remembered fondly.

  • Victor the Crab

    After what McCain said today about holding up justice appointment, I hope they’re successful in throwing that old man out.

  • muselet

    If this were a normal election year, I’d assume the Clinton campaign was trying to force the Trump campaign to spend money in what historically has been a slam-dunk R state.

    Since this is anything but a normal election year, I have to conclude that the Clinton campaign really believes Arizona can be won and has enough resources available to help in down-ticket races.

    Future historians will look at Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and shake their heads in disbelief.


  • Georgie

    This would be interesting, he has served 5 terms, I’d like to see this..