Koch Brothers

Cliven Bundy Asked for a Koch Brothers Bailout

Bundy family patriarch, insurrectionist, and noted expert on "the negro" Cliven Bundy apparently cannot or will not pay his lawyer so his lawyer reached out to the Koch Brothers for financial assistance.

According to public records obtained by Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB), Bundy's lawyer reached out a sympathetic lawmaker in Utah and asked him to relay their request to Duke and Duke.

According to the e-mail obtained by OPB, Bundy's lawyer Joel Hansen reached out to Republican Utah state Rep. Ken Ivory, a mover and shaker in the transferring federal lands movement. Ivory sponsored legislation that became law in 2012, which transferred Utah fed lands back to the state although the lands still remain in federal control today. Hansen asked if Ivory might be able to reach out to the Koch brothers and see if they would be interested in helping pay for Bundy's legal defense.

What would give them the idea that Randolph and Mortimer might be interested in helping?

Because the Kochs have become vocal proponents for the cause of men like Cliven Bundy and his son who occupied the Malheur federal wildlife refuge in Oregon. The Kochs also believe control of federal land should be handed over to states who could then sell the land to the highest bidder. The highest bidder would be the Koch Brothers, of course. Their interest is purely financial.

With that said, I doubt they would be willing to fund the legal defense of peons and foot soldiers like the Bundy family. The Kochs will instead bankroll the political campaigns of men who could actually make it happen.

To men like Cliven Bundy and those who believe in the cause, I would say the Kochs aren't really on your side. They're on their own side. In the highly unlikely event that federal land is ever handed over to western states and auctioned off, men at the bottom of the totem pole wouldn't see a dime of the proceeds. That money will go to big business. Suckers.

  • muselet

    Cliven Bundy is a simpleton for believing the Koch brothers might chip in for his legal defense, but Joel Hansen came within an ace of committing malpractice by not telling his client he was a simpleton for believing the Koch brothers might chip in for his legal defense.

    It’s hard to say which is the more awful human being.


  • Aynwrong

    People like Cliven Bundy are determined to cut their own noses off to spite their own faces. They are so consumed by their own anti government sentiment/fantasies and old timey racism that they would rather hand over more power to entities like the Koch Brothers even if it resulted in ole Cliven living and working in a virtual feudal system. Anything if it means sticking a thumb in the eye of the dreaded Kenyan Socialist Usurper.™