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JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Steve Greenberg)

In other news, British government records show that Trump's golf resorts in Scotland actually lost $23 million last year while Trump's public disclosures reported over $18 million in profit.

Which one is the lie?

Meanwhile, Republicans in Nebraska have filed a lawsuit against their own constituents in an attempt to block a ballot measure for expanding Medicaid under Obamacare.

Finally, remember the recent stories on a surge in black lung disease?

Federal prosecutors in the western district of Kentucky have indicted eight officials from the Armstrong Coal company for intentionally submitting fake safety reports that hid the amount of coal dust their miners were exposed to.

The allegedly fraudulent practices at Armstrong were first revealed in a 2014 HuffPost report.

At the time, miners at the company’s Parkway Mine in Muhlenberg County went on record saying they’d been pressured by management to register artificially low readings on their dust pumps, devices that miners wear to measure coal dust in a mine’s atmosphere. They typically accomplished that by wearing their dust pumps for only a fraction of their shift, thereby collecting a misleadingly low amount.

The indictment issued Wednesday makes the same allegations, calling it a conspiracy to “conceal from MSHA the ongoing, systemic and pervasive violation of mandatory health and safety standards.”

This week wasn't quite as exhausting as the two weeks the preceded the July 4th holiday, but I'm spent. Have a good weekend.

  • katanahamon

    Why are we allowing Rump to meet with Putin, apparently with no other American press or even security or advising entities when there are ongoing investigations into collusion, and these new indictments have happened? No good can come from this. Rump must be impeached, removed from office and prosecuted. No one in history has deserved a harsher comeuppance…yeah, before you mention Hitler and other despots, Rump would get away with murder if he could. I’m talking about the narcissisism, the lies, the constant, brazen, sneering lies and his attempts to pull the world down around us.

  • Aynwrong

    Donald Trump is the best businessman. The best, the very best…

    Ya get whatcha vote for.

    Thankfully those miners have the infallible free market to work within to
    Make Their Lungs Great Again!™®©

    * If the 3rd one seemed a bit mean spirited, see the 2nd one. *

    Here’s some mucic in that same vein.