Comedy Government Shutdown Stephen Colbert

Colbert on “Freudian Phallic Symbol Doctor Keith Ablow”

Colbert is back from vacation and covering the aftermath of the GOP Government Shutdown, including analysis from Doctor Keith Ablow who says President Obama thinks he’s a victim because of poor parenting.

That’s a brilliant long-distance diagnosis by Doctor Ablow, but one must ask how he was able to yank such an insightful diagnosis so smoothly from his ass.

I, for one, have never met Keith Ablow, but as an honorary doctor of fine arts I’m willing to stake my professional reputation that he is stuck in an anal retentive stage caused by his parents shaming him during potty time. So it’s safe to assume that Doctor Ablow continues to wear a diaper and, as we speak, is using his own excrement to write out his ideas for tomorrow’s show.