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Concern Troll Joe Scarborough Is Handing Out Sensitivity Advice

Between Mika Brzezinski using her feigned outrage as a wedge to scold President Obama and his Kamala Harris remarks this past week, which earned her a gold star soundbite on just about every local news station in the country that night, saying:

“I’m sure he meant to pay her a compliment… but quite frankly, it just divides women and it just divides people up to separate them by looks and probably was a little ham-fisted. I just think the whole thing, the whole dynamic about women and their looks puts women under a lot of stress that they don’t need. and they should be sort of talked about by their qualities at work, especially when he is introducing someone because she is the attorney general. I actually think, you know, he meant to do — say something nice. I think he made a mistake.”

And Joe Scarborough calling out Quentin Tarantino as, “a pornographer of violence,” and “a despicable human being” for ”coarsing America’s culture, by bloodying America’s culture”– I can’t tell which concern-trolling member of the Morning Joe circle of jerks was more out of line and more full of shit. I’ll give Mika the benefit of the doubt on this one because she’s surrounded by mentally-constipated has-been bobble-headed dipshits all morning who are emotionally incapable of apologizing for confusing chauvinism, for chivalry. But the fact that Mika Brzezinski criticized President Obama while professional chauvinist hack Joe Scarborough looked on nodding in agreement was just about too much to bear.

But I think it was Joe My-Tucked-Penis-And-Beady-Eyed-Glasses-Make-Me-Want-To-Fuck-Me Scarborough in his little MSNBC morning public opinion show-trial condemning Quentin Tarantino to death because the domestic terrorists of the NRA will threaten to assassinate him otherwise, has got to be the biggest pile of concern-trolling bullshit I heard all week.

Kudos, Joe. Only a fake intellectual douchebag like you could make George Will sound like the brains of your creepo-confederate wingnut bow-tie propaganda outlets.

Because any functioning imbecile knows that fake violence depicted in movies is just as bad as the organization that uses every mass shooting in the country to threaten the lives of public officials and sell more guns.

I’m sure Joe’s outrage over Django probably has more to do with his fear of white people finding out that the slave trade was actually really fucked up and not at all like the not-so-bad narrative prevalent in right wing conservative textbooks, or that the trade was protected by guns, and slave-holding white men with their guns, and well-regulating militias with their guns, and so Joe took the coward’s way out by speaking out against theater and depicted violence in the arts.

I have to wonder, though, if Joe actually understands that America has done some pretty fucked up things to their brothers and sisters.

Maybe Joe Scarborough is just a little worried that black people might see Django and rise up against the Joe Scarborough race of notoriously overachieving white men who have been benefiting from white affirmative action since birth and who make no apologies for it while they sit back and crack their subtle “keep-up, nigger!” jokes?

  • I FINALLY got to see Django Unchained and quite frankly, it’s brilliant. While I generally enjoy Tarantino movies, I never thought of him as a great director. Now I do. Scarborough’s idea that the Pres. should somehow stand up against the movie is absurd.

    First, how it would it affect the President’s base? Most likely just irritate them because how he feels about the movie isn’t important and they would know it’s pandering. Second, it would be pandering to the asshats in the middle and right who won’t like him no matter what he says or does. Third, the movie doesn’t deserve condemnation. As a few have already mentioned, pretend violence doesn’t merit more attention than real violence. What was it that they expected Tarantino to do, show more violence against the slaves and leave the white boys alone? Not make the movie at all? Not allow Django his revenge? Or if allowed his revenge remove all the violence from it’s portrayal? Would that be expected of a former slave to not exact a violent revenge after he’d been beaten, whipped, chained, starved, etc, etc and had his wife and almost every other black person he knew, go through the same?

    While I was watching the movie I actually thought that a single bullet was NOT enough retribution in some cases. Tarantino could have shown much, much worse things in his movie about how the slaves were treated and maybe that would have made it more palatable for jackasses like Scarborough to accept Django’s well deserved revenge. However, I suspect he wouldn’t have liked that either because Slavery was a really a picnic, dontcha know! I mean all those “Big Daddies” were just providing employment, weren’t they?

    Which brings me to my last point. Men like Scarborough don’t get to the be arbiter of what is or isn’t enough violence in a revenge fantasy film based on that “peculiar institution” because it wasn’t his people being tortured and treated worse than dogs. And he sure as hell doesn’t get to scold the President, whose ancestors were among the slaves. See one branch of my family, the branch of the family whose surname I still carry, owned slaves in a large plantation in SC. I’ve seen the bills of sale where they split up families and sold children away from their mothers and wives away from husbands. I’m so white that astronauts in the International Space Station get blinded on the first day of summer when I visit the pool. And I can unequivocally say that I do NOT have the right to tell any AA person in the U.S. about how they should feel and react to Django. I’m not talking out of some white guilt, the go-to accusation by cons. I’m talking out a place that comes from basic common sense, empathy and humility. And Scarborough, and far too many white men in the U.S.* as we well know, has none of those qualities.

    *With apologies to all the caring white men I DO know in the U.S. You’re rare and thank God you’re here with us because this country would really be in the shitter without you.

  • muselet

    I actually think, you know, he meant to do — say something nice. I think he made a mistake.

    I am outraged on behalf of someone who isn’t outraged on her own behalf! Barack Obama shouldn’t have made a small joke about Kamala Harris’s appearance after lavishing praise on her for the quality of her legal work because she should be talked about for her legal work!

    Scarborough suggested that President Barack Obama should stand up to Tarantino for making violent movies …

    Obama needs a Sister Souljah moment! He must beat up on someone we Righties hate!

    Oh, shut up, the both of you.


    • Lady Willpower

      Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m a little bit more bothered by all the real people in the real world that were killed by the Republican president (who I have to assume Joe Scarborough supported) than the pretend people who die in QT movies.