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Conspiracy Theory

Is President Obama covering up the true fate of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370?

Floyd Brown of the Western Journalism Center and the newly-formed Takeover Super PAC seems to think so.

And then there’s this:


I believe the right wing has developed a case of Benghazi tourettes. Everything is now Benghazi. They see Benghazi in their soup. Next week they may see Benghazi burned into their toast like Jesus.

The racism was already there.

Takeover Super PAC is backed by Brown as well as noted birthers Jerome Corsi and World Net Daily founder Joseph Farah.

(via Media Matters)

  • Zen Diesel

    Wow, WTF…..Obama Derangement Syndrome on steroids.

  • villemar

    Clearly Ben Gazzara is behind everything. Wake up sheeple!

  • Brutlyhonest

    Anyone watch the cartoon “The Fairly OddParents”? Ignoring for a moment that I’m a 50yo man that still enjoys cartoons, see if you can find a clip of the character Mr. Crocker flipping out about FAIRY GOD PARENTS! Now picture that asshat A-rab Issa (and his ilk) screaming Benghazi.

    • I still have young kids and I actually enjoy watching that cartoon (others, not so much). Issa’s head kind of looks like Mr. Crocker’s as well….I think you’re on to something here.

  • drspittle

    I’m disappointed. I thought Chuckles Todd would be the first to blame Obama for the flight’s disappearance. What the hell are these fecal fragments going to do when Obama leaves office?

    • D_C_Wilson

      Blame it on Hilary.

  • zirgar

    Say, calling a black man an “uncle” isn’t racist. Just kidding. Every day these sleazoids move closer and closer to openly calling President Obama a nigger. I detest these people.

  • Lady Willpower

    But… it WAS a spontaneous protest. Because that shit happens all the time in some places.

  • muselet

    At the link:

    [Takeover Super PAC] says it will “win elections and take our country back from the liberals and socialists” and exhorts potential donors, “If you’re tired to [sic] putting your money to work for turncoats and traitors, join us.” Takeover claims liberals want to eliminate the right to privacy, the Second Amendment, religion, want to “permanently enslave the American people” with Obamacare and entitlements, and ultimately desire “a tyrannical dictatorship.”

    Huh. I did not know we wanted those things. Did I miss a memo?

    In a fundraising email announcing the PAC, Farah stated that he’s “not giving my money to the RNC any longer. I’m not giving a dime to Karl Rove’s Tea Party-hating PAC, and I’m not supporting spineless Republicans who lead us down the same liberal roads. I’m giving my money to Takeover Super PAC.” Farah and other conservatives have been feuding with Rove, a fight that intensified when the former Bush adviser launched an effort to protect Republicans against tea party challengers.

    So this is really a fight between the Nuts and the Slime. Not quite the Sharks and the Jets—although it would be amusing to see if Joseph Farah can sing and dance—but the fight should be entertaining in its own way.

    If Takeover Super PAC gets donations totalling four figures, I’ll be amazed.


    • Churchlady320

      Is that with or without a decimal point in the middle?

      • muselet

        Oh, I figure they can pull in hundreds of dollars; thousands, though, is a big ask.


    • Actually, let’s hope the racist jerks help to split the GOP making it easier for us to win.

  • I’m a pretty politically hardened activist. I’m a big tent person and deal with those who don’t think like I do every day (literacy programs). But that image is so horrible on so many levels that it actually made me cringe, and despair. Talk me down Banter community. I’m gobsmacked.

    • Ned F

      I’ve seen worse, much worse. But the left does it too. I saw a photo-shopped picture of GWB in a cheerleader outfit that someone put devil horns once, wait, what? really?…never mind.

      • Churchlady320

        Here in Sacramento one Bush critic and his wife posted a dummy of Bush hanging in effigy. The outrage was palpable. So yes, some lefties did that. But it was hardly the mainstream.

    • Churchlady320

      It never went away.

      If you go back to the late 1890s the once wonderful magazine, McClure’s, suddenly, due to a change of ownership, started printing disgusting stereotypes of Black people on the covers. Every single issue had these revolting ‘cartoons’ on them. It lasted until someone else bought out the periodical and made it a populist journal once again.

      This nation has an element within that will never see Black people as human, much less as equal, and that is so devoted to a mindset of white supremacy that every single thing this president does or will ever do is wrong.

      But, that said, unlike the days of McClure’s racism, these people remain a minority. A nasty one, but a minority nonetheless. The generations coming into adulthood now are NOT the same, will be far less inclined to tolerate these things. It takes a long time to make this change, but it is happening.

    • As Churchlady says, there is hope, particularly with younger people. My daughter is ten and she had a school project that she had to do with a boy in her class. She kind of had a crush on him, I came to find out later. Anyway, she needed to go over to their house for a period of time so I asked her if she’d met his parents and what were they like. She described them in all kinds of ways but never once did she mention their race. When I met them the mother was white, the father was black and the son was, of course, mixed and cute as button. I can see why she likes him! 🙂 Now, this may seem trivial but it isn’t. I grew up in the South and one never, ever described anyone without mentioning their race–never. And to this day, despite my best efforts to not do this…it still comes to mind and if I’m not really thinking about what I’m saying, I’ll actually say it. It’s so automatic to make note of race and it’s the exact opposite with her. She sees everyone as people. This is what gives me hope that the tiny racist minority will continue to decrease in numbers.

      • Beautiful and inspiring! Thanks Irish G and all who replied — it is such a help to have this smart, thoughtful community to e-speak with here.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Benghazi tourettes? More like Benghazi syphilis with the way they’ve been behaving.