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Conspiracy Theory

It looks like more people are coming around to William Gheen’s idea that President Obama secretly fostered violence in Central American countries so children would flee north where the president could use them to punish “evil Whitey.”

Rush Limbaugh is now a believer.

At 1:20

LIMBAUGH: We have to sit here and listen every day to how we’re a bunch of racists pigs, sexist bigots, and homophobes, and how America is that way because of us and yet all these people around the world want to come here. And all these parents in Central America are all sending their kids here. And in the process are they not rejecting their own cultures?

Despite what all the demographers say, America remains a majority white country. Despite the predictions, despite the hopes, despite the dreams of all the leftists that white people eventually become the minority of this country, it hasn’t happened yet. So why do governments in countries of color encourage their children to come here if we are such bad racists, sexists, and bigots?

And of course the leftists would answer that question by saying ‘because they are here to help us take over. They are here to help us wrest-control of this country from you white bigots.’ That’s what they would say on the blogs.

I won’t transcribe his mock Central American accent voices as I’m sure you get the gist.

America remains on a course to becoming a country where white people will no longer be the majority, but that is not predicted to take place until 2050. No one said it was going to happen tomorrow, next month, next year, or even in the next decade.

Limbaugh alleges that Democrats are conspiring to bring children into the country to speed up this process and end the tyranny of white racists and bigots like himself.

That’s an appealing plan, but it’s also a fantasy.

Children have fled north into the United States because their lives back home were a living hell and they were under the mistaken impression that America was a welcoming land of freedom and opportunity. Because, as they say, America is the “greatest country on earth” where people stand on the street and yell at busloads of small children while waving misspelled signs and Gadsden flags.

Much to the dismay of infamous “racists pigs, sexist bigots, and homophobes” like Rush Limbaugh, immigrant children will receive a necessary level of care while they remain in the custody of the Department of Health and Human services. And for many of them that’s better than what they left behind in their home countries.

The ranting and raving of “racists pigs, sexist bigots, and homophobes” like Limbaugh more than likely did not factor into the decision to travel here. They probably don’t even know who Limbaugh is. All they know is they won’t be murdered here.