Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

The Alex Jones custody trial continued in Austin, Texas today where Jones testified that he partakes in the smoking of marijuana from time to time.

But he only smokes marijuana for scientific purposes, you see, because George Soros is up to something.

Jones said he sometimes smokes marijuana — nearly yearly — “to monitor its strength, which is how law enforcement does it.” He then added that he tested it because he believes it is now too strong — a development he blamed on billionaire and political donor, George Soros, who he claimed in court has “brain damaged a lot of people.”

Speaking of brain damage, I don't know how what the jury will make of all this, but it should be obvious that Alex Jones does not belong near children and perhaps not even other adults.

Jones should follow his true calling and become a mountain man who robs people's cabins in the winter.

  • Would a jury be involved? Family court almost always relies on a judge to hear and make a ruling on custody cases….I’ve been through….mumble, mumble….divorces but maybe they do it differently in different states. Heck, I’m surprised the press is even allowed to be in the courtroom. They often do not allow press in the courtroom in custody battles (to spare the children and the parents) and then they often seal the record. So….I’m mystified that this is playing out so publicly. Those poor kids. They didn’t choose a crazy man to be their father.

  • Draxiar

    Sounds like Alex is buying into his own bullshit…or trying to, even in this trial, to get people to buy into his bullshit. Either way, Alex is lobbing bullshit…excuse me “performance art”…hoping people will give it credibility. How long before he says the court is a puppet of the global masters?

  • Aynwrong

    This clip is 20 years old. I absolutely loved this show when I was younger. Still do. I don’t love the fact that gibbering idiots like Alex Jones remind me of it.

    Leave my childhood alone ya bibldey fool!!

  • muselet

    If there weren’t children involved, this would be a whole lot funnier.


    • I know, right? Those poor, poor children.