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Conspiracy Theory: Larry Klayman’s Race War Edition


Leader of the failed revolution and anti-NSA complainant Larry Klayman warns us that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have fired the opening salvos in The Race War™ so they can rename the White House.

via RightWingWatch

Unhinged right-wing legal advocate Larry Klayman believes that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have created a “race war in the nation.” Klayman wrote in a WorldNetDaily column on Friday that the president is “racist” against white people “and in favor of their black brothers.” [...]

“At this rate, it is remarkable that Obama has not renamed the White House ‘the Black House.’”

Given the fact that black slaves built the White House, the Black House could be seen as a more fitting name. A black family does currently occupy it.

Just in case you thought the issued had been buried years ago — Klayman cited the president’s supposed affinity for Reverend Wright to show that he secretly hates white people.

“Whitey” is the term he used.

The idea that the president has plotted a grand scheme to punish “whitey” is a fantasy floated in recent weeks by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and William Gheen and, while that is absurd all on its own, it also strikes me as a misnomer because if you were to ask me (a bonafide white guy) how I feel about white people after the past week’s events (or the past five years), I may say “whitey” needs to be punished.

I may secretly hate white people.

  • muselet

    Blacks are the real racists. White, Christian, hetero cis-males are the real victims of discrimination. The “Whitey Tape” will stop the Obama campaign in its tracks. Reverend Wright. Blah blah blah, pfui.

    Larry Klayman isn’t just unhinged, he’s also lazy. He—the whole Right, really—isn’t even trying to come up with new lies, he’s recycling old defamations from six years ago.

    As long as the rubes keep sending checks, it doesn’t matter if the material’s fresh, but you’d think Righties would take some pride in their work, manage at least a little originality. I guess that would be asking too much.


    • Hemidemisemiquaver

      Just think of the recycling that will take place during HRC’s Presidency. It’s gonna be Whitewater, Vice Foster and stained blue dresses on repeat. There will be constant calls to (1) investigate everything again because “questions remain” and (2) impeach HRC over something that Bill did in 1994.

      • muselet

        It’ll be like an endless Savage Garden reunion tour, only not as easy on the ears.


  • Al Iriberri

    Along with sharia law, gun bans and…whatever else they imagine it’s about to happen. Yup, he didn’t get to ANY of it during his first term and well nigh halfway through his second term, but ANY DAY NOW the secret nefarious plot will be revealed for all to see. Yep. Any second now.

    (while we’re waiting, go ahead and click here to donate to stop Obama from doing more of that awful, scary, sneaky stuff we just KNOW he’s gonna do any second now).

  • gandhi77

    Note how Cesca doesn’t mention that the ACLU supports Klayman’s NSA lawsuit.

    • Nefercat

      Maybe because the article isn’t about Klayman’s NSA lawsuit. Or does suing the NSA automatically make him right about everything else?

      Also the article was not written by Cesca.

      • gandhi77

        Right off the bat, Cesca mentioned the irrelevant fact that Klayman is suing the NSA. Why?

        • Victor_the_Crab

          And, for the second straight time, you claim Bob wrote the above article, when, in fact, it was JMAshby who wrote it.

          Explain to us why the fuck we should take you seriously?

        • Hemidemisemiquaver

          The sum total of what you are talking about is this:

          “anti-NSA complainant”

          You ask why it’s mentioned? It’s mentioned so that people know something of the background of Larry Klayman. Knowledge of Klayman’s activities may be old hat to you, but keep in mind that some people reading this article may not know who Klayman is. By providing some information about Klayman, JMAshby is performing an educational service for people who might not know that much about Klayman.

          What have you got against education?

    • Kitty Smith

      You know, I was going to say something, but Nefercat beat me to it. Next time you need to look like a jackoff, go to a porn site, please.

    • JMAshby

      Why should I mention it? For one this isn’t about the ACLU or the NSA, and secondly I disagree with the ACLU on the NSA.

      Is that all you took away from this?

      • Kitty Smith

        That and apparently you’re a Bob sock.