Cartoons Open Thread

Corporate Slave


Artist — Pat Bagley

In related news, Politifact backed up a claim about American worker productivity made by Rep. Keith Ellison(D-MN) while pushing back against the idiotic talking point that the ACA is a job-killer, and found Rep. Ellison’s comment “Mostly True.” And with higher worker productivity comes depressed wages, while corporations continue to pocket all the silver spoons. The notion that we are ‘a nation of takers’ is appalling.

Which is one of the reasons why dripping bag of flaming dog shit on the country’s doorstep Sean Hannity is packing up and moving to some other gated community cult. Sure, he claims he’s being persecuted, but I think this has more to do with the fact that hungry people will fucking eat you eventually, starting with the face. The only debate to be had would be who’s eating who, really?

  • Nefercat

    If the Democrats don’t start shouting from the housetops, in unison, each and every time a microphone or camera is in their faces, that the republicans think we are ALL lazy slackers, that the republicans believe granny should slave away behind that convenience store counter until she drops over dead, mothers should simultaneously stay home with their kids where they belong while also working three jobs, that the republicans believe no one should be able to leave their soul-sucking job to be an entrepreneur (funny I thought the party of business is supposed to support that), that the republicans believe you should not be able to quit your dead end no benefits minimum wage job to go back to school, well, then, I will {sputter, sputter}, I don’t know… But I will be very upset!

  • West_of_the_Cascades

    “dripping bag of flaming dog shit on the country’s doorstep” pretty much made my evening. Hannity is getting farther from where the tumbrels will start rolling … but, to paraphrase John Dunne, he should not ask for whom the tumbrel comes … it will come for him, eventually.