Corporate Takeover of American Lives

That's precisely what Kent Conrad wants. Mandates and no public option. Because that's what America is all about.

I’ve been searching ever since for models that I thought would fit America’s values and American culture. I’ve felt for a long time that a system that’s not government-run, but does have universal coverage, does a good job on quality and containing costs, and has the elements we see in some of these other countries is most likely to fit here and win political acceptance and be effective.

Political acceptance? Seriously? He's so insanely wrong. He clearly hasn't been listening to Jay Rockefeller, Bernie Sanders, Raul Grijalva, Lynn Woolsey, Anthony Weiner or Nancy Pelosi lately. Even if he succeeded in getting progressives to go along with this nightmarish idea, such a plan would doom anyone who touched it. Mandates (universal coverage) and no public option would literally destroy the Democratic Party.

Want proof?

A Lake Research poll commissioned by HCAN shows 64 percent opposition to mandates without the public option. Contrastingly, the poll indicates 60 percent support for mandates with the public option.