I wrote earlier that Mankiw's Dead Granny Hates Judge's Spending Habits attack was the dumbest attack against anyone ever.

I was wrong.

Michelle Malkin and the wingnutosphere are claiming that most of the Chrysler dealerships being closed are owned by Republican donors. Dealership closures for political reasons. Yup. We all know how threatening those Republican car salesmen are to the White House's political agenda and they must be stopped!

Does this mean Malkin and the others support the ongoing investigation into the Bush administration's attorney firings? After all, U.S. attorneys are a little more important than guys who can sell the shit out of a La Baron.

Nate Silver debunks it with his hands tied behind his back. In short, because 88 percent of all car dealership owners are Republicans, it stands to reason that the closures will naturally impact more Republicans. Put another way, if the company that makes kitty litter boxes stops making them, it will impact more cats than dogs.