• MarshallLucky

    Yes yes, Hamsher is using irresponsible and unserious rhetoric again. By all means let’s accept her challenge and engage in another round of moronic infighting while the Washington establishment goes about its business. They don’t give a shit what any of us think anyway.

    • ranger11

      She’s not on our side. She’s on her side. So, it’s not infighting.

  • Lexamich

    Boy, oh, boy, so Hamsandwich thinks she wasn’t being heard the first 1000 times, so she calls us “dumb motherfuckers” and “gravediggers.”

    Them’s fighting words!

    Look, ho, don’t get cross with us because Groverkins didn’t avow your alliance during his C-Span appearance this morning.

  • gofyaself

    So, Jane Hamster is whining again. “Waa, I still can’t get over the fact that Hillary lost. Waa. Someone please go after the evil blackman that hurt my precious Hillary. Waa. Someone please make the pain go away. Waa.”

    Just shut up already and go back to fellating Grover Norquist.

  • I can not stand this bitch! As an African American, I find hr comments extremely offensive. I would also venture to guess that my white, Hispanic, and Asia counterparts and every other group who supported the President are equally offended. Karma is a bitch Jane! You need look no further than your medical bills. Fuck you, you fire breathing, batshit crazy, douche bag!

  • mrbrink


    Just, wow.

    So, by supporting the president, she thinks he thinks we’re actually digging his grave?

    Does anyone follow that?

    “Stupid ardent supporters. They’re always ruining electoral politics!”

    We get the Hamsherite/Greenwaldian bubble trolls here from time to time. Do any of them ever leave with their arguments in tact?

    No they do not.

  • raistuumum

    What a delusional windbag.

    Makes it all the more pitiful to the people that attempt to defend her at DKos and Balloon Juice.

  • I love how rather than present a differing argument, Bob just accuses her of being a racist.

    Tea Baggers…FDL…anyone who disagrees….just call them a racist and get on with life.

    • JMAshby

      Eat shit.

      “Differing arguments” have been presented here countless times for nearly three years.

      Of course, you wouldn’t know that since you’re just a drive-by agitator.

      And how exactly is “dumb motherfuckers” suppose to be considered a serious argument in need of debunking?

      • mike

        So everyone’s a name-caller now? Maybe you’re focusing on just 1 source here, but looking at a few other ‘blogs’ and recent writings of Matt Taibbi, Frank Rich, and Paul Krugman (no slouches), there are those who can interpret this political theater how they want without resorting to a certain level of discourse, shall we say? I think we all want the same results, some just disagree on how we get there. I’d like to end a couple wars and maybe skip a TSA pat-down. My tent is still plenty big enough to accommodate both you and Ms. Hamsher. [- I finally got my googles working again, too]

    • muselet

      Lack a snark detector, Skelton?


  • imavettoo

    I swore never to never give FDL another click when she decided she could collaborate with that scumbag of all scumbags Norquist. That proved to me Hamsher was full of shit.

  • majii @ ABL’s:

    I’d rather be a dumb motherfu*ker than an unhinged firebagger who would sell his/her soul to the highest bidder for a motherfu*king profit!

    I emphatically concur!

    • jjasonham


  • MrDHalen

    What I find most disappointing about liberals like Hamsher is their inability to be rational and the rank hypocrisy. How can you bitch and moan about Bush treating the presidency like a dictatorship for 8 years and then bash Obama for not doing it?

    Obama said many times during the campaign that he wanted to bring civility back into our politics and that is what he’s trying to do. Many people told Dr. King his peaceful efforts would not yield results and that fire was needed; who do we memorialize today for their efforts?

    Slash & Burn leaves just that: Slashed & Burned.

    • imavettoo

      Are you related to Van?

      • MrDHalen

        Nope. 🙂

  • Read the piece at ABL’s, and I’m pretty sure that Firebagger Jane is referring to US, i.e., those she considers Obots.

    What a convoluted bunch of crap she came up with this time.

  • jjasonham

    Zero cred.

  • Clancy

    I cannot stand Hamsher, but I think it requires far too much creative reading between the lines to reach the conclusion that she’s referring to African Americans here. It seems pretty clear that Hamsher is referring to the “Obamabots” who were “cheering” for McConnell’s deal when she’s talking about his “most ardent supporters.”

    The weird thing is, I’ve been accused of being an Obamabot before by Hamsher’s supporters, and I thought the plan was full of shit. The good thing about the McConnell proposal was that it was a very clear signal that parts of the GOP’s leadership seemed to recognize that negotiations over raising the debt ceiling really wasn’t helping them and was likely going to bite them in the ass big time. It was a move born out of desperation. I think this better explains why the President’s supporters were thrilled by it–not with it.

    • JMAshby

      If you read the full context of the quote, you can see that Hamsher is basically arguing that president obama is a secret medicare/socialsecurity killer, and that Eric Cantor is our true savior right now. Preventing the president from exacting his plans to kill them.

      • incredulous72

        I read the whole context of the quote as you advised, Ashby.

        Now I’m convinced that Hamsher is working on behalf of the republican party.

        And all who listen to and follower her are “Hamsherbots”.

      • Clancy

        Without re-reading it, this wouldn’t surprise me. For Hamsher, it really was a short ride from “Obama can do no right,” to “Everything Obama does is evil.” I get the same vibe from Greenwald too. I still follow and read him, but it’s so damn difficult not to scream at him some times to grow the f- up. At least with Greenwald, I somewhat understand where he’s coming from, I just don’t understand how he got from there to where he is now. (Does that make sense to anyone other than me?)

    • mrbrink

      “but I think it requires far too much creative reading between the lines to reach the conclusion that she’s referring to African Americans here.”

      That’s the thing. Hamsher doesn’t think before she speaks anymore, apparently, and now she’s officially declared ideological war on the majority of the Democratic party base– including the great majority of African Americans– who will continue to support The First Family through her voter-depressing turf war.

    • “I think it requires far too much creative reading between the lines to reach the conclusion that she’s referring to African Americans here”

      Yeah, it assumes that she’s *actually* referring to the group of people who factually are his most ardent supporters. Expecting facts from Hamsher is just silly.

      • Plantsmantx

        I don’t think black people are Obama’s most ardent supporters in the sense that they agree with everything he says, have suddenly started calling themselves “pragmatists” in order to rationalize going along with any and everything Obama wants (or seems to want)…etc. As a black man, I read this:

        Wow, I hope she doesn’t mean African Americans, who voted in massive numbers for the president.

        …and get the distinct feeling that someone is trying to play me. I get the feeling that they’re trying to goad me into anger for their own purposes.

  • I hope so too! How sure are we that Hamsher/FDL aren’t an arm of the GOP? I’m not sure at all.