• Ewww, that is creepy…it’s the lack of a head and the close approximation of natural movement in what is clearly a non-living thing. It probably has to do with the same principle that freaks people out when they watch animated movies that are very real looking but almost too much so, except for the dead look in the people’s eyes? Can’t remember the name of psychological theory behind it…..but, yeah, ewwww.

  • If it doesn’t hop like a rabbit then I am less interested.

  • You have to wonder what the hell they’re making these things for.

  • gescove

    I’m not worried. I bought the cheetah rider on my robot insurance policy with Old Glory Insurance.

  • Draxiar

    My daughter is watching this and is getting a big ol kick out of it.

    Technology can be a wonderful thing used for good…it’s all in how it’s applied. A hammer can be used to drive a nail and build a house or it can be used to cave someone’s head in.

    That said, it reminds me of “The Hound” in Fahrenheit 451.

  • Username1016

    That wouldn’t be nearly as creepy if they gave it a head and a tail.

    • Guest

      Guessing that the “head” is likely to be a weapon. So, no thanks, body-only is creepy enough.