Crooks and Liars

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Stuart Carlson)

In other news, a Michigan man has been charged with making death threats against an attorney who represents the whistleblower whose testimony led to Trump's impeachment.

The man, Brittan J. Atkinson, allegedly emailed the attorney in November, calling him a “traitor” who “must die a miserable death.” The attorney, Mark Zaid, confirmed to POLITICO that he received the email the day after Trump held up Zaid’s photo and read some of Zaid’s tweets during a rally.

Meanwhile, Trump said he won't pardon his lifelong henchman Roger Stone right now, but he might if his conviction isn't overturned. So, start your clocks.

Finally, acting chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, Tomas Philipson, admitted for the first time that "uncertainty" from Trump's trade war hurt business investment.

“Uncertainty generated by trade negotiations dampened investment,” Trump chief economist Tomas Philipson told reporters in a briefing on the annual Economic Report of the President released on Thursday.

The admission contrasted with Trump’s repeated assertions that his tariff tactics hadn’t hurt the economy while swelling the government’s tax coffers.

Even so, the deleterious effect of trade uncertainty got barely a mention in a 435-page economic report that frequently extolled the president’s programs and argued that they’ve led to a “great expansion” that is benefiting a broader swathe of Americans.

I mean, yeah, the "uncertainty" didn't help, but neither do the ongoing tariffs. Tariffs hurt more than feelings of uncertainty.

  • Aynwrong

    The President* of the United States holds up a picture of a private citizen at a political rally to demonize him before his loyal cult of of idiots and it’s barely a headline.

    Don’t fucking tell me both sides are the same because this is straight up fascism.

    • mnpollio

      Agreed! The Beltway pundits and mainstream media need to be kicked squarely in the ass for continuing to promote this nonsense. I understand the need to be even-handed, but what they do goes far beyond that. They are inventing things to try to make both sides seem the same lest (heaven forbid!) some conservative Republican has their precious fee-fees hurt about a newscaster calling it as it is. If the President or his representatives are lying, then call it for what it is. If the President is acting delusional, deranged or like a lunatic, call it out for what it is. This running for the thesaurus to find words to soft-peddle and normalize these fascist actions and then trying to offer cover by insinuating the other side is acting similar, when in fact the other side is trying to be the only adult in the room, is destructive.

      • mnpollio

        And this lunacy that they must move heaven and earth in order to avoid the accusation of – gasp – “liberal bias” needs have a stake driven through as well. Why is there no such thing as “conservative bias” when they have entire networks wholesale lying on behalf of conservative propaganda. It is only bad if the facts do not back you up and the facts certainly do not back up the President and the Republican Party. They remember those pesky things, right? Facts?