Cut and Crap

Jed Lewison calls bullshit on BP's "cut and cap" solution:

The only problem with BP's "cut and cap" operation is that it won't cap anything. At best, it will allow BP to salvage some of the oil (hopefully a substantial amount), but it won't stop the leak, and it won't keep oil from escaping. And whenever there's a serious storm, the drill site will need to be abandoned, and the oil will flow without restriction, just as has been for the past six weeks, except the flow rate will be around 20% greater because the salvage operation requires BP to make a clean cut on its riser piping, giving BP's containment dome easier access to the leaking oil at the expense of increasing the flowrate.

Yep. They're just drinking as much milkshake as possible. This is all about mitigating loss and increasing profit. This isn't a conspiracy theory -- it's the very nature of corporations.