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Darren Wilson’s Testimony is an Infantilized Fantasy

To say that Officer Darren Wilson's testimony was ridiculous really doesn't do it justice. It would not be a stretch to say that it reads like Stormfront fan fiction or a white nationalist comic book.


He felt like "Hulk Hogan."


"It" looked like a "demon."


He was "bulking up' to run through his bullets.


He left a "cloud of dust" behind him as he ran away because he's the Tasmanian Devil Demon.

A child would find this story hard to believe. The idea that an adult said these things to other adults, and that they apparently bought it, is amazing to me. Amazing and alarming, because Darren Wilson was and is a police officer who apparently cannot separate fact from fiction.

Darren Wilson either lied his goddamn ass off to the grand jury, or he actually believes these things because that's how afraid white people are of black people.

(a recent study found white people think black people are magical)

Wilson's testimony is an infantilized fantasy that no one would believe if it came from the mouth of an adolescent. And someone who is this incoherently terrified has no business policing anyone let alone a community that is overwhelmingly black.

The other possibility is that Wilson doesn't believe any of this and he concocted this tall tale during the time he spent in hiding just to get away with murder. Neither possibility speaks very highly of our so-called justice system.

You can read Wilson's full testimony at Mother Jones.