Election 2012

David Cameron is In-The-Tank?

According to Team Romney, yes.

Senior advisers to Mitt Romney have bitterly criticised David Cameron's recent White House "love-in" with Barack Obama before Romney's first visit to London for the opening of the Olympic Games.

Referring to Cameron's highly flattering toast to Obama during a banquet given in the prime minister's honour when he visited Washington in March, a senior aide said: "You don't take sides in an election year."

Because respecting and complimenting the head of state of your closest ally during a trip to your home country means you're totally in-the-tank for them. You've just taken sides!

Should we review the international reception of Bush prior to the 04 election? How about the Republican criticism of countries which were less than receptive to Bush?

  • …and So Fucking What if he did take sides?

    Whose vote does Romney think the leader of another fucking country — the UNPOPULAR leader — is going to sway? “We can’t lose the British anti-EU bloc! That’s the linchpin of our strategy!”

    Good Christ.

  • Chocko_Rocko

    Thus causing me to rend my garment over the unfairness of it all.

  • muselet

    Boy, talk about a nontroversy.

    In his speech Cameron thanked the US president for his “strong and beautiful words” about Anglo-American ties, and said Obama “has pressed the reset button on the moral authority of the entire free world”.

    Apparently acknowledging their differing political outlook, Cameron went on: “You don’t get to choose the leaders that you have to work with. But all I can say is that it is a pleasure to work with someone with moral strength, with clear reason and with fundamental decency in this task of renewing our great national alliance for today and for the generations to follow.”

    Oh noes! To the fainting couches!

    Cameron was heavily criticised in British papers such as the Telegraph and Daily Mail for this perceived extravagant praise of Obama.

    “Extravagant praise”? It sounds a bit like the PM’s tame writers might have gotten into the Scotch, but there’s nothing particularly new there. Presidents and Prime Ministers are expected to make a show of how well they get along, what with that Special Relationship to maintain.

    I’m no fan of David Cameron, but what does the Romney campaign think he should have done? Throw his glass of Claret in Barack Obama’s face and demand to see the long-form birth certificate?

    This doesn’t even rise to the level of a tempest in a teapot.


  • “You don’t take sides in an election year.”

    Really?!?! Isn’t that precisely when you take sides?

  • mattpd

    Mitt Romney for “Complainer in Chief”…. boy what a bunch of whinny babies.

  • caribbeanobserver

    Hey Mitt, here’s the thing- no-one, and I repeat, no-one is in to you that much! Them’s the breaks. Money can’t buy that. Poor little diddums face Mitt, and his sorry-assed whiner wimp aides!