Dead Fetuses During the Super Bowl


Anti-abortion ads showing graphic images of aborted fetuses covered in blood and surrounded by religious icons will air during the Super Bowl in February, courtesy of Democratic Presidential candidate Randall Terry.

Terry, who has spent a year in jail and been arrested 50 times for his anti-abortion efforts, is using a Federal Election Commission loophole that ensures ads for political candidates cannot be prohibited within 45 days of an election. Apparently, primaries count, so Terry will be running ads on local stations during Super Bowl XLVI February 5.

Randall Terry is a terrorist. I don't exactly know why he's not in prison, much less allowed anywhere near a television.

  • boycott the super bowl? Is that feasible?

    • muselet

      I don’t see why not. I personally have been boycotting the Super Bowl for … let’s see, XLVI is 50 minus 10 plus 6 … forty-six years now.

      Seriously, though, even if Randall Terry manages this, it wouldn’t be a national ad buy: the ads would only run in states with primaries within 45 days of the game. Any boycott would have to be state-by-state, and good luck organizing something like that.


      • “it wouldn’t be a national ad buy: the ads would only run in states with primaries within 45 days of the game.”

        Good point. Which means it’ll be shown only in Nevada and South Carolina, both of which have a high percentage of evangelicals in residence.

        The whole thing is disgusting as hell.

  • At least it’s not Janet Jackson’s tit… that would be offensive.

    • gescove

      Laughing out loud! What a country we live in. The mind boggles.

  • gescove

    So, in Terry’s view, dead fetus=not OK. But, forced birth of rape or incest begotten fetus=OK. Death of forced birth mother= OK. Murder of reproductive health providers=OK. Sex education and freely available contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies/abortions=not OK. What is wrong with these effing lunatics?

  • Wait, aren’t there FCC standards for what can be shown on television? I mean, if bloody dead bodies aren’t allowed for every other major television broadcast, why would it be okay for a political ad? A huge number of people will see this, including children, in the middle of the day. Can’t the FCC do something about the photos? I don’t care if they run an ad but to show those kinds of pictures is over the line.

    • JMAshby

      Randall is using a loophole that prohibits the blocking of political ads if its within a certain time frame of an election.

      • I understand that, but don’t FCC rules still apply in regards to content that is not fit for daytime viewing?

  • Not Sayin

    Gawd. Christian Newswire? Glad someone is monitoring the craziest of the crazies so I don’t have to!

  • How about showing pictures of dead mothers. You know, ones that die from Preeclampsia, DVT or PGP? Even better. Show a photoshop of a dead Karen Santorum and explain how if Rick’s laws were imposed in the 90’s, that is exactly how she would be.

  • nellcote

    How is he allowed to be a DEM candidate?

    • He’s “primarying” Obama. It’s all just a stunt to push shit like this though.

  • BuffaloBuckeye


    I see where ststions in Ohio are amongst those required to run the ad. I’d better give my 86-yr old mom a heads-up on this one. Pick her spot to go to the kitchen for a refill.

  • Hey, Terry, how about running pictures of deadbeat parents instead–you know, those people who refuse to support their LIVING children?!