Demonic Liberals

I don't usually pay any attention to Ann Coulter, but the title of her latest book is utterly self-satirical -- so much so that I had to write about it.

Yes, her book is called "Demonic". And by "demonic," she's referring to liberals. Naturally.

Demonic. As in, liberals are like demons, or possessed by demons. We're not. On second thought, there are three, maybe four -- tops. (Guess which ones.)

As I'm sure you've observed, Coulter is famous for hyperbolic single-word book titles referring to liberals -- "Treason", "Godless", "Guilty" and "Slander". After "Demonic", there aren't many words that are lower and more insulting.

I take that back. I predict her subsequent three books will be titled "Molesters", "Rapists" and "Motherfuckers".

I'm deadly serious. You watch.