Detroit Teachers Won’t Be Paid This Summer

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and the state legislature recently passed an emergency funding bill that prevented the Detroit Public Schools system (DPS) from going bankrupt, but those funds will apparently run dry at the end of the school year.

The school system's emergency manager informed the teacher's union over the weekend that they will not be paid over the Summer break. Teachers have reacted to the news by organizing a "sick-out" today.

The teachers say they were assured that the emergency funding bill would cover the cost of their paychecks, but what they were told evidently wasn't true.

"The district’s promises are no longer worth the paper that they are printed on," Terrence Martin, executive vice president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers, said during a hastily called news conference where officials announced they were urging teachers to call in sick Monday to disrupt operations.

"While we recognize that this puts Detroit’s parents and communities in a difficult situation, the district’s broken promises and gross negligence leave us no choice."

While the vice president of teacher's union says the "district's promises" are no longer worth a damn, it should be noted that the district is not controlled by an elected body; it's controlled through emergency management.

The Detroit school board recently filed a lawsuit against the state government to regain control of their own system and rid themselves of their emergency managing overlords, but for now they're stuck.

Summer school and special education will also be canceled after funding runs out.

In other news, Detroit's brand new hockey arena has been named Little Caesars Arena.

  • muselet

    What are the odds DPS’s emergency manager, Judge Steven Rhodes, will be paid on-time—and handsomely—for his time and effort?


  • swift_4

    Special education will be cancelled? I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. Or is it just extra programs?

    I keep thinking it. Maybe i wouldn’t have the guts or whatever. But I think if you live in Detroit or Flint, you should just get up and start walking. When you come to a state line, check the “Welcome to…” sign. If it has a Republican governor, keep going.

    • Georgie

      The way I understand it this money that the teachers have already earned, “Teachers said they had been told that the $48.7 million allocated by the
      Legislature last month to fund the district through June 30 would cover
      summer pay for the approximately two-thirds of district teachers who
      signed up for a plan that allows for paychecks year-round instead of
      just during the school year. Rhodes denied that earlier today.” Detroit Free Press.