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Documented Piece of Shit Bob Murray is Worried About Workers


Murray Energy CEO Bob Murray, who as we’ve discussed before is a documented piece of shit, is very concerned about your granny and your jobs.

According to Murray, the EPA must be stopped because their new rules spell the end of coal as we know it and granny will be alone and in the dark because Murray Energy wasn’t there to save her.

“Grandma is going to be cold and in the dark with what they’re doing,” Murray said, according to the Pittsburgh Business Times. His predictions about the industry’s downfall are correct, he said, because of his relationship with God. “The good Lord has been with me for 58 years [in the business]. I’ve been right every time. That’s not me. The Lord did that.”

It’s ironic that Murray says God has kept him in business for 58 years because God apparently told him to fire over 150 employees after Mitt Romney lost the 2012 election. After saying that “the takers outvoted the producers,” Murray thanked the Lord for helping him build his “American business enterprise.” He then fired the innocent employees just as Free Market Jesus would have wanted.

Murray Energy rehired most of the employees he fired in retribution for the outcome of the election, so was God actually wrong about the need to fire them? Has the good Lord really been “right every time?”

Murray’s biblical delusions are amusing, but this is the really good part.

“It isn’t coming back. It’s permanent,” Murray said at a coal marketing conference in Pittsburgh, repeatedly using the word “destroyed” to describe the state of the industry, according to SNL Energy. “That’s what we see and that’s what we do our planning on. And remember, I have to make a payroll based on what we project.

It is an established fact that Murray doesn’t give a flying fuck about his payroll.

Bob Murray forced his miners to lose a day’s pay while appearing in a campaign ad for former presidential candidate Mitt Romney. And in addition to firing over 150 of them when Mitt Romney lost the election, he also recently fired a woman because she wouldn’t make political donations under the table as directed by Murray.

Bob Murray would sell your Grandma if it would keep him in business.

  • muselet

    Back in the 1970s, there was a ballot initiative in California to prohibit the building of new nuclear power plants and to require additional safety measures for those already in operation. Opponents responded not only with skiploads of cash but also with bumper stickers reading, “Let them freeze in the dark.”

    Can’t imagine what brought that to mind.

    Also too, what a strange and unpleasant god Bob Murray worships.


    • mdblanche

      It’s not a god; it’s just his reflection in a mirror.

      • muselet

        Good luck convincing him of that.


  • Christopher Foxx

    If Murray’s industry “isn’t coming back” and has been “destroyed”, then isn’t that the will of God? Aren’t any efforts on Murray’s part to preserve it then attempts to thwart the will of God?

    Oh, silly me. I forgot that the will of God, per Murray, is always and only just to enrich Murray and have him play bully.

  • trgahan

    “Grandma is going to be cold and in the dark with what they’re doing,”

    Dear Mr. Murray,

    The coal industry is “dying” (it really isn’t, it just isn’t growing like it was during the recent boom years ca. 2005) because utilities are changing out coal for natural gas as baseline energy source. As utilities always have done, they buy the cheapest source per mega-watt and since the Marcellus shale was tapped in 2009, coal lost its 200 year long streak at that position.

    It is the “free” market that is kicking your ass, not the EPA.

    Though you may be able to cut some overhead if you stop running your business as a political campaign fund raiser and ran it like a coal company.


    Someone who remembers the 6 miners buried in the Wasatch Plateau due to your orders to mine roof supports illegally. Thankfully for you, a Republican was President at the time and you sold the mine and got away with it.