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Does Governor McCrory Know What’s in the Bill He Signed? Apparently Not.

As Republicans tend to do, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is blaming the media for the backlash to his signing of HB2, the anti-transgender bathroom bill that also prohibits cities from enacting their own non-discrimination ordinances, among other things.

As we've pointed out several times over the past week, HB2 does far more than codify anti-transgender discrimination into law but Governor McCrory doesn't even seem to understand that he has done exactly that.

Or he's just straight-up lying.

We have not taken away any rights that have currently existed in any city in North Carolina, from Raleigh to Durham to Chapel Hill to Charlotte,” he said. “Every city and every corporation have the exact same nondiscrimination policy this week as they had two weeks ago.”

To be crystal clear, Governor McCrory has absolutely taken away rights that currently existed. He signed a bill (HB2) that explicitly makes it illegal for a transgender person to use a bathroom that corresponds with the gender they identify as. That was not policy two weeks ago. That's not policy anywhere else in the entire country. North Carolina is the first to try it.

Furthermore, the bill Governor McCrory signed explicitly deprives cities of certain rights and he personally stated as much on the night he signed HB2 into law.

Beyond the most obvious fallacies of Governor McCrory's recent statements, he also apparently isn't aware that HB2 goes far beyond the scope of criminalizing transgender people.

When a reporter told McCrory that the law appears to revoke a fair housing ordinance in Greensboro and a policy governing municipal contracts in Raleigh, he said he didn’t know whether the policies would be eliminated.

You’re blindsiding me with a question,” McCrory said. “I’ve been traveling all day, so you’re telling me something I’m not aware of.”

In short, Governor McCrory doesn't understand how anything works. It's not clear to me if he even grasps the scope of the legal and economic shitstorm that is about to descend on the state from every direction. I'm not convinced he understands any of this.

I wonder to what degree McCrory's dumbassery may put the state in play for Democrats in November who are free to run on a platform of restoring civil rights.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    This is what happens when you enact a solution in search of a problem. It solves nothing, and creates new problems.

  • muselet

    Pat McCrory was in such a rush to be seen sticking his thumb in the eye of the LGBT community, he didn’t even bother to read the bill he was signing. He clearly didn’t figure it would matter, the cheering of the culture warriors would drown out any questions.

    Except it didn’t, and when asked a question, he responded with the most cack-fisted non-answer imaginable. “I’ve been traveling all day” doesn’t even make sense as an excuse.

    Expect McCrory to be reelected in a landslide.


    • ninjaf

      Not that I want to defend him, but the special session to write the bill and then enact it took less than 24 hours. Who had time to read the bill in that amount of time?

      I am so embarrassed for my state right now.

      • muselet

        The only way the bill was written, passed through the legislature and sent to the governor in one day would be if the bill were one line long. Otherwise, there are too many moving parts. The bill had to have been around long before the special session was called, and since McCrory is trying to lock up the frothing bigot vote, he had to have known what was in the bill. For him to claim otherwise is disingenuous at best.

        On the bright side, we have a contender for Dumbest Political Statement of the Month.


        • ninjaf

          I am not sure McCrory was in on the writing of the bill. That’s not to say he wasn’t cheering from the sidelines as he was getting the bullet points.

          • muselet

            I doubt he helped write it, but his allies in the legislature wouldn’t have sprung this bill on him. It’s unlikely he wasn’t briefed at strategic points during the weeks or months it took to write the thing.