Terrorism War On Women

Domestic Terrorists Set Fire to Another Planned Parenthood Clinic

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

A domestic terrorist attacked a Planned Parenthood clinic in Thousand Oaks, California last night and, apparently, the same office was vandalized 6 weeks earlier.

From the LA Times

Ventura County sheriff’s Capt. John Reilly said someone likely used a rock to shatter a window at the Planned Parenthood facility in the 1200 block of West Hillcrest Drive, then threw the accelerant inside the office and ignited it. [...]

At about 11:30 p.m., the building’s fire alarm alerted deputies and firefighters, who arrived and found the broken window. The building’s sprinkler system doused the small fire.

The good news is the building suffered only minor water damage caused by the sprinkler system because whoever attacked the clinic was an incompetent terrorist. Other Planned Parenthood clinics, such as one in Washington state that suffered major fire damage, have not been quite as fortunate.

I'm sure I don't need to spell out the link between the GOP's unhinged crusade against Planned Parenthood and attacks like these, but I'm going to.

The Republican party and all of its various representatives have alleged in no uncertain terms that Planned Parenthood is intentionally killing babies to sell their body parts on some kind of black market for fetus tissue.

That is, of course, a grotesque fantasy that hasn't been substantiated and never will be, but there is no shortage of people out there who believe it. A long history and pattern of attacks against clinics that perform abortions (and even some that don't) signifies the danger in peddling such ridiculous stories.

Republicans have whipped radical anti-abortionists into a frenzy and congressional Republicans have failed to defund the agency they accuse of operating a fetus enterprise. It shouldn't surprise anyone if some of these radicals take matters into their own hands since their leaders have failed them.

  • Karen Marie

    I hold Huckabee partly responsible. He’s got a web ad up telling people to “burn it down.” http://wonkette.com/594446/mike-huckabee-demands-lap-dance-from-america-or-he-will-burn-this-place-down

  • captkurt

    It may be that Conservative don’t want to deny healthcare to some as much as they’d just rather have all those people getting their healthcare from corporate big med, instead of small, community-based, nonprofit providers.

  • muselet

    The Thousand Oaks center provides more than 7,000 patients with a range of healthcare services each year, “over 90% of which is life-saving preventive care like cancer screenings, birth control, and sexually transmitted infection testing and treating,” the statement [from Planned Parenthood of Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties] said.

    No wonder someone wanted to shut the clinic down. Those 7000 patients are clearly unworthy of healthcare. [/unhinged]

    Outside the Planned Parenthood offices Thursday, Patricio Gonzalez had set up signs against abortion, something he has done for two years. He tries to go out there at least two times a week. Sometimes he will stand outside from one to six hours.

    Gonzalez, who spoke with a police officer, said he had not seen anything suspicious.

    Of course he didn’t see anything suspicious. There’s always some guy skulking around the building with a gas can and a box of matches, nobody notices him any more.

    I do wish these crackpots would develop a new obsession.