Don Jr. Told Congress An Even Bigger Lie About Russian Business Talks

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty to lying to Congress, but Donald Trump Jr. told Congress an even bigger lie than Cohen did.

Cohen told Congress that they discontinued their business talks with the Russians in January of 2016, but he has now confessed that those talks continued through the summer of 2016.

Junior, on the other hand, told Congress that talks ceased in 2014 according to Senate records reviewed by NPR.

Trump Jr. told the Senate Judiciary Committee in September 2017 that although there had been negotiations surrounding a prospective Trump Tower in Moscow, they concluded without result "at the end" of 2014.

"But not in 2015 or 2016?" Trump Jr. was asked.

"Certainly not '16," he said. "There was never a definitive end to it. It just died of deal fatigue."

Don Jr. can't claim ignorance. I mean, he routinely gives me the impression that he was dropped on his head, but he runs the Trump Organization in his father's absence. He would have known all about this deal and the talks between Cohen and the Russians.

Even if he didn't know about it in early 2016, Junior said this in September of 2017 long after he took over the company with his brother Eric. Cohen was still on Team Trump in 2017.

Although Junior hasn't been charged yet, I think this tells us that special prosecutor Robert Mueller could charge him at any time. I suspect he hasn't because he's still building a larger case.

  • swift_4

    There’s that part in a lot of detective shows and movies where someone busts in and says, “This case just got a whole lot bigger!”

    I think there’s so many of those in this case that the people have to stand in line to announce it.

  • muselet

    Donald Trump Jr is a chip off the old block, for sure. I mean, he lies almost as much—and as badly—as his father.

    Now that Michael Cohen has flipped, Donald Jr has to see the end approaching like a runaway freight train, and there’s nothing he can do without turning rat himself.

    There’s a part of me that wants Donald Trump, père et fils, indicted at the same time, the last two to get served, so they have to fret and sweat the longest of all the corrupt mooks in and around the administration. Does that make me a bad person?


  • katanahamon

    They’ve all already set a precedent that lying to the public, press, congress, the FBI, etc etc is acceptable, you know, unless you’re not a a Republican. Then it’s a big deal that needs investigation. These people need serious jail time. Rump being protected by the office of the presidency is a ridiculous precedent we cannot allow to stand.

  • gescove

    After January 3, I fully expect that Adam Schiff will be pleased to call Don Jr. back to testify before the House Intelligence Committee to explain these discrepancies. I look forward to seeing little Donny squirming in that hot seat.