Birthers Racism

Donald Trump is Still a Birther

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump suckered the press into carrying the grand opening of his Washington D.C. hotel last week where his campaign claimed he would address birtherism.

The event turned out to be little more than an infomercial for his hotel and he devoted only about 30 seconds to addressing his birtherism.

According to Trump himself, the only reason he devoted those 30 seconds to it is so he could move on with his campaign, not because he genuinely believes President Obama was born in America.

Well, I just want to get on with, you now, we want to get on with the campaign,” Trump said to local news ABC6 in Ohio. “And a lot of people were asking me questions. And you know, we want to talk about jobs, we want to talk about the military, we want to take about ISIS and how to get rid of ISIS. We want to really talk about bringing jobs back to this area because you’ve been decimated. So we really want to just get back on the subject of jobs, military, taking care of our vets, etc.”

We already knew this, but it is helpful to have Trump enunciate it himself.

Trump was introduced by a birther last week at the event where he supposedly gave up birtherism. That should have been the first hint.

  • muselet

    Is it possible for Donald Trump to say anything, anything at all, without lying?

    Donald Trump must never be elected President of the United States.


    • Victor the Crab

      Why would he, when he knows full well that the liberal biased Lamestream Media will never fact check him on anything because… BOTH SIDES! And because he’s so good for their revenue streams.

      • muselet

        Alas, you have a point. *sigh*


    • You could shorten this to “Is it possible for Donald Trump to say anything?”

      He says he wants to talk about jobs and how to get rid of ISIS. GO ON, Donald. Let’s hear you actually TALK about the issues. Let’s hear your ideas.

      Nope. Just more blather. He’s incapable of talking about substance, which is why Hillary is going to crush him next week.

      • muselet

        I agree wholeheartedly about Donald Trump’s inability to speak substantively on any topic.

        And objectively, yes, Hillary Clinton’s debate performance will make Donald Trump look like an internet troll made flesh.

        But if Trump manages not to say anything too inflammatory (“You know what? We should carpet-bomb Brussels. Bomb ’em. Never liked the Belgians, eat mayonnaise on their fries, disgusting. Believe me, disgusting. So many problems there.”) or wet himself or tear his clothes off and run around the stage doing Tarzan yells, the pundits will stroke their chins and murmur how presidential he looked and how he had Hillary (the obligatory Villager lessening of anyone named Clinton) on the defensive the whole debate (never mentioning that she was defending against his firehose of lies).

        Only if Clinton can goad Trump into declaring war on NATO or calling for the police to shoot all black people will she be declared the “winner” by our glorious news media (and then only conditionally, because Trump “had a bad night”).


  • swift_4

    I have the best dog whistles. They’re beautiful. Just beautiful. My dog whistles never stop. People try to silence them but they just keep going.

    • Aynwrong

      People are always coming up to me and telling me this. Believe me…