Trump Regime

Donald Trump is the Leaker

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

There have been reports that Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin will be fired. There have been reports that Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson will be fired. There have been reports that National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster will be fired. There have been reports that Chief of Staff John Kelly will be fired.

There have been many reports, but where are they all coming from? Who is leaking from inside the White House?

Chief of Staff John Kelly did not say so explicitly, but it looks like the leaks are coming from Trump himself. Kelly spoke to reporters in an off-the-record session in which he said Trump has been spending a greater amount of time speaking to people outside the White House according to Axios.

Kelly acknowledged to the reporters it’s likely that Trump is talking to people outside the White House and that reporters are then talking to those people. Kelly cast Trump’s own conversations as a significant contributing factor to stories about the staff changes. (Kelly was making the point that he’s not around for a lot of Trump’s conversations so can’t be sure what he’s telling people over the phone.)

Kelly also told reporters that H.R. McMaster and others are safe for now, but how can he say that? How does he know? If Kelly doesn't know what Trump is telling others in private, how can he know what Trump is thinking? How can John Kelly know what Trump is thinking if Trump himself doesn't know what he's thinking?

If Trump reads this report, he'll probably be angry at John Kelly for implicating him even if it's the truth.

  • Badgerite

    “Safe for now.” Or as Brain Williams say, “Well, we’re still here.”. Kelly is as nuts as trump if he is trying to ‘protect’ such an obvious POS.

  • Nearly every single time the WH has said that someone is “okay”, they’re fired within the month, sometimes sooner.

    I guess rather than a single Night of the Long Knives, Trump decided to spread it out over months.

  • muselet

    Donald Trump gets cranky and runs his mouth to people who then run their mouths to reporters.

    That’s not the way a stable, mature democracy is supposed to run, but it sounds about right.


    • Helen Saunders

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