Don't Believe the Scorpion

Chuck Grassley is asking the Democrats to give his scorpion ass a ride across the river.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (Iowa), the powerful Republican who has spent weeks working on a healthcare reform compromise, is urging Democrats not to abandon bipartisan talks despite growing pressure from liberal activists and White House officials. Grassley reacted Wednesday to news reports of growing sentiment among White House officials that Democrats should pass a partisan healthcare reform package, relying entirely on Democratic votes.

"I've said all year that something as big and important as health care legislation should have broad-based support," Grassley said in a statement to The Hill.

"So far, no one has developed that kind of support, either in Congress or at the White House. That doesn't mean we should quit. It means we should keep working until we can put something together that gets that widespread support."

He plans to sabotage the bill and run away. It's the Republican nature. This is a classic and very obvious Republican "scorpion and the frog" trick.