Doof Quote of the Day

"[President Obama] once talked about the courage of his convictions, but still has not found the courage to lead." Chris Christie yesterday

Christie said the president hasn't found the courage to lead while Christie was announcing his plans to not lead.

Once again, Christie will never run for president. Ever. Unless, that is, he drops 100+ pounds and gets himself into better shape. Speaking of which, contrary to some e-mailers, I'm not being a Fat Nazi about this -- I'm just being realistic. Fact: you can't run a modern campaign for president unless you're in decent health. Christie is decidedly not.

  • Still on the “Chris Christie is fat” meme?

    “Fact: you can’t run a modern campaign for president unless you’re in decent health. Christie is decidedly not.”

    Trust me, I’m no fan of the governor, but instead of deciding what Chris Christie is capable of doing, perhaps try letting him figure it out for himself. Plus, without some access to the man’s medical history, you haven’t the information to say whether or not he’s in decent health. This will come as a shocker, but overweight people — even ones as big as he is — can shake hands, talk to people, do press interviews, walk, be awake for 18 hours out of 24, ride on nice chartered buses and planes, and still manage to not have their hearts pop.

  • mrbrink

    It’s a Rovian play on reality when a bullying coward like Chris Christie starts talking about “courage.”

    Upon being sworn in, just under three years ago…President Obama faced down an inherited global economic meltdown, two wars, and a looted treasury with compounded interest and nothing to show for it but a vindicated national distrust in government.

    He signed a Democratically-processed law declaring healthcare a regulated right. If you cannot afford healthcare, it will be provided by allocating tax revenue found in Article 1, Sec. 8, also known as the U.S. Constitution. There is little difference between a mandate and a Medicare structure of automatically-deducted income. The Healthcare insurance reform bill saved jobs and it will save lives. It already has. But during which time, the president stood up in a room full of House Republicans and schooled them all in the art of openness and public debate, as well as prevailing ideas, courage, and honesty– off-teleprompter– and exposed their sadistic debunked talking points one by one.

    Signed Wallstreet reform– regulating derivatives, a key component of the financial meltdown, to be traded on a more open exchange(clearinghouse). It increased funding at the underfunded CFTC with the goal of enforcing its jurisdiction over speculation in commodities, like oil. It gave shareholders more say in executive board nominees. It even audited the Federal Reserve.

    He stood up in front of the Joint Chiefs, The Supreme Court, Congress, the whole country, and declared the Citizen’s United decision an act of war on the institution of American democracy. He was correct.

    As Commander in Chief, he ordered the end of the worst terrorist America has ever known. That happened.

    He fired incompetent and insubordinate Generals.

    He signed an International treaty to track and procure loose nuclear warheads.

    Meanwhile, Chris Christie finds his “courage” in a small minority of powerful conservative CEO’s, right wing political activists, who continue to punish the American people to spite the president. They’ve done very well. Profits in the trillions. 400 wealthy families have more wealth than 155 million Americans combined and they’re using their wealth as a weapon on democracy applying their hustler bonuses and oil war profits to overthrow a democratically elected president and defraud the American people. It’s a right wing CEO coup based upon a rhetorically violent propaganda campaign is what it is– Using the Republican party and FOX News as a means to rob the peoples’ rights of redress, and equal protection, while instituting their bigoted interpretation of Christian law.

    And saying president Obama has done nothing about jobs is another lie. He’s got a very good proposal on the table right now. He’s had proposals all along. The Recovery Act saved and created jobs. We went from -6.8% GDP to +5.8% under Democratic leadership at the Recovery Act’s peak. Presided over a Bush Republican economy that was purging 750,000 jobs, per, in the months leading up to his swearing in and if you look at the facts- President Obama and the Democrats– were turning it around. When people ask, “where is Mainstreet’s bailout?!” The Recovery Act was a pretty big part of it.

    Meanwhile, the GOP has fought on lies, bullying, and obstruction, leading to a downgrade of our credit rating making America a laughingstock in the civilized world. They’re directly obstructing job creation to destroy the safety net, the social contract, just to keep giving tax breaks and subsidies to oil corporations.

    The president has made the world and America safer, more stable. Expanded civil rights and liberties and transparency. Confronted fraudsters in Medicare and Medicaid– Wallstreet and Polluters– with hundreds of millions in fines and enforcement.

    Right wing conservatism is ruining it because he’s the best president in modern history and they know it, but he happens to be a Democratic black man.

    They are the reason “we can’t have nice things”– Like jobs, environmental regulations, food safety, infrastructure, or a safety net.

    • I have to quote this one!

    • bphoon

      I remain firmly convinced that the primary reason for the Tea Party is the fact that so many of our erstwhile citizens just can’t wrap their tiny brains around the fact that a black man got himself elected President. Racism is the opening and the lever the Tea Party’s corporate benefactors needed. The GOP have over the years become expert practitioners of wedge issue politics. If Hillary had been elected they’d be exploiting sexism rather than racism. But racism, in this country, is the ultimate wedge issue and they’re taking full advantage of it.

      The more we expose this the better. I, for one, will never tire of both calling them out for it and hearing them called out for it.

  • trgahan

    I can’t be the only one noticing a pattern here: A loud mouth media darling (elected or not) far right conservative (or at least some one pretending to be for the money) starts taking potshots at the president and/or Democrats in general. They are anointed “American’s favorite” within a week and “urged” to run in 2012. They run, approval spikes, levels off, flounders, and then drops within a month or so. They keep screeching, but are largely ignored by media and/or quietly withdraw to “spend more time with the family.” It wasn’t four months ago we were being told President Obama had to “seriously worry” about people like Palin and Newt. Where are they now?
    In some ways, nothing has changed since 2008, when after Obama was elected the republicans were frantic to find a new “face” of the party and they went through like six different people in three months until they gave up and starting engineering the “Tea Party.”

  • jmby

    I also think he realizes that his cozy lobbyist relationship with the Wall Street crooks, in addition to all the crap we don’t know about him that WILL be unearthed if he ran, would not only keep himfrom getting elected President, but may ruin his political career or worse. He was lucky Corzine was a bigger Wall St. shill, but a national spotlight on him would truly do him in. And no one outside of Jersey wants a Wall Street Tony Soprano in the White House.

  • agrazingmoose

    It’ll be funny if Christie loses the 100+ only to find out that people still won’t vote for him.

  • ari rutenberg

    As a not-as-fat-as-chris-chrstie fat guy (who’s also 20 years younger) I would have to say Bob is 100% right on this. Not only would a guy like Christie not have the endurance to do non-stop 18 hour days for the next 13 months, but he would have messed up feet, and a decent chance of developing DVT from all the flying and driving.

    And I’m sure he knows that.

  • The fact is that the Radical Right would reject Jesus himself as a candidate, for loving Mother Nature and all that crazy “helping the poor” stuff.
    The Birchers’ have overreached, they know it, and are mournfully searching for someone to carry the rapidly diminishing torch.

    No, thanks. Anyone with eyes can see that ship is sinking.

  • Mr. Morbidly Obese President is not in the cards.

  • mustangbobby

    The last president that had a similar build was William Howard Taft and … oh, never mind.

  • Ned F

    I really don’t understand the infatuation with Christie. His main attraction seems to be the explosive shout downs and telling “whiny” journalists and “wimpy” liberals to shut up. Oh, and sticking it to the teacher’s unions. He hasn’t been governor long enough to establish a record or actually accomplish anything yet. Maybe it’s the Palin Principal.

    • incredulous72

      It’s the same attraction that all republicans have with their presidential nominees; he’s an arrogant bully. The GOP/TP love that style of candidate. Christie portrays himself as a big, bad, tough-talking, smackdown liberals champion and the GOP/TP hollers and hoots about how much of a bad ass he is and that he is the epitome of the United States.

      It’s one of the reasons that alot of people take issue with President Obama; he’s NOT a bully. They love to call him all kinds of arrogant though.

      They are such a bunch of dumbasses.

    • You answered your own question: he’s an asshole, Republicans love that.

  • There’s a reason that Presidents go gray in the four years they are in office….they start with a hellacious campaign and then have to keep sprinting for the next three years and if they want to be re-elected they have to do it all over again in the fourth year. It’s not for the faint of heart or the physically challenged. In fact, we haven’t had a truly overweight President or even a candidate since pre-television days, right? Any historians out there know who the last obese President was? Probably Taft?

    • Well, he wasn’t obese, but Clinton was fat, certainly ate like a fat guy… and the presidency nearly killed him. If he didn’t have top tier health care, personal chefs, dietitians, nutritionists, and an assload of money, he’d be dead by now.

      • Funny, I was waiting for someone to bring up Clinton’s weight. You’re right, of course. Remember how used used to go for runs and then would stop at McDonald’s to eat a burger? Too funny